Choose the Best Home Gym Power Rack

Your search to buy a squat rack in Canada is over. Dozens of five-star reviews can’t be wrong; Bells of Steel has dollar for dollar Canada’s best squat racks you can buy. Buying a home gym squat rack is the keystone to your iron sanctuary and your decision on the perfect piece should not be taken lightly.

That’s why Bells of Steel offers only a carefully curated selection of weight lifting racks for sale, to keep your decision smart, simple and easy on your wallet. But more importantly, our full line of racks and cages are specially designed to make you stronger — trusted by 1,000s of customers for our quality, reliability and value.

Canada’s Best Squat Racks

All of our weight lifting racks ship from Calgary to across Canada, and we offer free power rack shipping to 11 cities in Canada when your order is $600 or more. Weight lifting racks are the cornerstone of any gym because they allow you to squat and press in a safe and secure atmosphere.

Our racks are jam-packed with custom features that will make you stronger, which you won’t find anywhere else. Our squat cages include a pull up bar, superior j-cups, and precision laser-cut pinholes. These, amongst many other features, optimize your workout and make B.o.S. squat racks dollar for dollar the best money can buy.

Customize Your Garage Gym

You can completely customize your squat rack to meet your training goals. Choose from our best selling dip attachment and twelve different space-saving power rack attachments to optimize your budget and space.

Built with high-quality thick steel, our squat racks are put together with precision welds and are designed to withstand the barrage of workouts you throw at them. Backed by a lifetime structural warranty, you’ll be able to pass the best garage gym power rack you’ll ever own down to your grandkids.

Power Rack vs Squat Rack vs Power Cage… ?

A quick note to you in case you have and any confusion in your search and want to know the difference between a squat rack and a power rack. There is none! In addition, power cage, squat cage, fitness cage, and weight lifting rack are also completely interchangeable and mean the same thing.

Power Racks and Cages – Overview

power rack 4.1 residential

Residential Power Rack
The budget rack

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  • Excellent price.
  • Small footprint.
  • Straight-bare steel pull up bar.
light commercial power rack

Light Commercial Power Rack
The best-seller rack

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  • Excellent value.
  • Lots of room inside the rack.
  • Packed with unique features.
utility power rack

Multi Purpose
The Cross-training rack

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  • Perfect for kipping/butterfly pull ups.
  • Narrow footprint and extra tall.
  • Must be bolted to the floor.

Folding Wall Squat Rack
The space-saving rack

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  • Folds away and has almost no footprint.
  • Excellent price.
  • Great for kipping/Butterfly pull ups.

Squat Rack - The Brute 2.1 By B.o.S.

The Brute Power Cage
The superstar rack

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  • The personal rack of WWE superstar Sheamus.
  • Rock solid 400+ lbs of steel.
  • Built for commercial gyms.