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Core Sliders


Blast your core, legs and arms with the Core Sliders! Dual use on soft and hard floors, includes a convenient storage bag.

FEATURES • 7″ diameter • 8.5mm thick • 0.33lb weight • Black colour • Dual surface use • Includes storage bag • Sold in pairs


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Slide into a workout anywhere, anytime.

The core sliders are a portable and convenient accessory to help you unlock full-body workouts.

Benefits of the Core Sliders

    When life is busy (when is it not?), being able to work out anywhere is essential. With these core sliders, the hard plastic edge slides great on turf and carpet so you can use them during the commercial breaks of Itty-Bitty Home Gyms. And when you need to get a workout while cooking dinner (#parentlife), the soft side glides smoothly across your hardwood floors without scratching them up. Dinner? Check. Workout? Check. Floors… polished? Check.
    The best thing about core sliders is that even when you’re on the road, you’re just an arm’s reach away from a killer workout. They come in a convenient storage bag to keep them from falling out when the airline “accidentally” sends your luggage halfway across the country. But since they’re lightweight and compact like resistance bands, they’ll also fit easily inside your carry-on. Use them at home or in the gym… or at the baggage terminal while waiting for your luggage to arrive.
    If you thought core sliders were only made to work your core, you’re about to slide into a rude awakening. Yes, they’re great for mountain climbers and leg or knee tucks (you can absolutely send a curse word our way after trying them). But don’t forget about the creative lunge and push-up variations that can kick your workout up a notch. And if you try those sliding hamstring curls — watch out, Glute Ham Slider, there’s a new sheriff in town 🤠

Specs - Core Sliders

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 0.33lb/0.15kg
Diameter 7"/178mm
Thickness 0.33"/8.5mm
Colour Black
Warranty 1-Year

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight of the core sliders?

    The weight of the core sliders is 0.33lb/0.15kg.

  • What are the dimensions of the core sliders?

    The dimensions of the core sliders are:

    • 7″/178mm diameter
    • 0.33″/8.5mm thickness
  • What is included with the core sliders?

    This is what’s included with the core sliders:

    • Two core sliders
    • Workout poster
    • Storage bag
  • What are the shipping box dimensions of the core sliders?

    The shipping box dimensions of the core sliders are:

    • 0.5 lb weight
    • 3.75″ length
    • 3.75″ width
    • 1.0″ height
  • What is the warranty on the core sliders?

    The core sliders are covered under a 1-year warranty, which guarantees that they will not break under normal use and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.

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A Bells of Steel Customer
Ken J.

Frictionless Action!

I'm 55, 285lbs, strongman build. I'd been out of gym for almost a year. Everything tightened up on me, causing all sorts of unnecessary pains. Limited range of motion too. I bought these primarily to do frog stretches (face down, legs bent, inner feet flat to ground). I normally do these on carpeting. But my knees would stick to floor when sweaty and I rarely wear training pants or sweats. I was going to buy furniture moving sliders, which is all these really are. But these come with a nice foam padding for the knees to rest in. Furniture sliders have a harder inset cushion. These are nice and soft. And they have ZERO friction when opening hips. They also make it easy to retract after stretch is complete, which was an area of sometimes intense pain for me. I wish I'd had these when I reintroduced frog stretches to my routine. Frogs are very painful before your flexibility returns. Extremely. These would have enabled me to get back into shape faster. But glad I have them now!

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength, general wellness, flexibility for a pain-free life

Bells of Steel

Hi Ken, Thank you so much for the in depth review of our core sliders. We are so happy to hear these where just what you were looking for and have allowed you to do your stretches comfortably. We hope they continue to help with this and we wish you the very best . Sincerely, Marcus & the BoS team