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Olympic Weightlifting Barbell – The B.o.S. Bar 2.0


Our best-selling Olympic weightlifting barbell with a hardened chrome finish and the perfect amount of spin.


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Olympic Weightlifting Barbell – The B.o.S. Bar 2.0
This item: Olympic Weightlifting Barbell - The B.o.S. Bar 2.0

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The B.o.S. Olympic Weightlifting Barbell 2.0 is dollar for dollar the best weightlifting barbell you can buy.

Designed for Olympic weightlifting with the perfect amount of spin and an ultra-durable construction, this olympic bar is built to last. Weightlifting clubs, home gyms, commercial gyms, and military bases across the country have put their trust in this bar to fuel their PRs.

Why will I love it?

  • Upgraded steel: We upgraded the quality of the steel and the 2.0 bars have a whopping 240kpsi. Going with better quality steel also decreased the weight tolerance to 1% (how close the bar is to its claimed weight of 20kg), as well as the bar straightness accuracy to +-.25mm (no bar is perfectly straight).
  • Upgraded the bearings: With 4 needle bearings and one stainless steel bushing per sleeve this olympic bar has the ultimate spin.
  • Machined sleeves: We machined grooves into the sleeves, this helps to prevent plates from slipping off and makes the collars fit tighter.

Why Choose An Olympic Weightlifting Barbell?

To begin with if you are not doing any olympic lifts, like the clean, snatch, or clean and jerk, you are better off getting the B.o.S. powerlifting bar. If you are actively doing the olympic lifts, then a needle bearing bar is essential for these reasons:

  • The Spin: A good quality Olympic Weightlifting Barbell will spin better than a standard bushing bar. This will prevent the rotational inertia of the plates from being transmitted to the bar, and your grip, which will lead to injuries.
  • The Bar Whip: The whip is the ability to store the elastic energy of the bar. Athletes can use this flexing of the bar to their advantage during a lift.
  • The Quality: The B.o.S. Olympic weightlifting bar 2.0 is designed to withstand repeated drops from overhead positions.
  • The Knurling: Most bars, and even IWF competition standard bars have knurling in the middle of the bar. As the B.o.S. bar is intended for training, this middle knurling has been remove to prevent excess wear and tear on the lifters clean position, helping to prevent injuries.
  • Hardened chrome finish: A hardened chrome finish strengthens the bar and to provides excellent corrosion resistance compared to a zinc or black oxide finish. The other main benefit being little to no maintenance is required for this finish unlike a zinc or oxide finish which requires regular maintenance.

A hardened chrome finish strengthens the bar and to provides excellent corrosion resistance compared to a zinc or black oxide finish. The other main benefit being little to no maintenance is required for this finish unlike a zinc or oxide finish which requires regular maintenance.


Bar Weight20 kg/ 44 lbs
Diameter28 mm
Total Length2,200 mm/86.6"
Loadable Sleeve Length411.3 mm/ 16.2"
Knurling MarksWeightlifting & Powerlifting
Centre KnurlNo
Shaft FinishHardened Chrome
Sleeve FinishHardened Chrome
Sleeve AssemblyNeedles & Snap Rings
Tensile Strength240,000 PSI
Max Capacity1,543 lbs
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty

Packaged with hard thick cardboard tube and an aluminium end cap to ensure your bar arrives safe and sound. Warranty: Limited Lifetime*

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Dan G.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Fit for anything

Great barbell.

I’ve had the barbell a few weeks now and it has been fantastic. Arrived in days, flawless looking, and it feels great to. Thanks for making quality affordable equipment for is average Joes like me.


Bells of Steel

Hey Dan, Thank you for the review! We are so glad you love the BOS Bar 2.0. Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Do the stuff I enjoy as long as possible

Finally got it, super worth it!

BoS are simply my first recommendation to anyone and everyone wondering about a Canadian fitness equipment supplier. They have been for years. Picking up the BoS 2.0 Weightlifting bar has cemented that even more for me. Bar arrived packaged secure enough to survive a nuclear holocaust and came exactly as advertised. While it’ll never be confused for an Eleiko I can at least still afford to take my dog to the vet and not have to go on an all Ramen diet. I love that BoS provides high quality gear I don’t have to sell a kidney for. Customer service is always on point. And maybe I’ll even get strong enough to bend this bar one day - maybe… Thanks BoS! Ya’ll are as lovely as you are beautiful. Keep up the great work!


Bells of Steel

We greatly appreciate the awesome review! We want to give people the chance to workout at home without having to sell the home first. Enjoy doing whatever it is you do, Erica and the B.o.S crew!

Sean D.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Continue to get stronger

B.o.S. Bar 2.0

Bar came packaged nicely in good shape. Overall, really like the bar. Knurling could maybe be a little more aggressive but other than that I am super happy with the bar, both the price and the functionality of it.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Weight training


Overall the feel is great. This barbell has a bit less aggressive knurling. Personally I like aggressive knurling, maybe something like your Barenaked barbell. Came nicely packaged. More than the equipment BofS client service is excellent.

Canada Canada
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Weightlifting

Good bar for the price

I would -and do- recommend this bar to weightlifters of beginner to intermediate seriousness. Allow me to preface my review with: before this bar I have only used fancy Swedish bars in fancy Swedish gyms. The bar was a little stiffer than I expected, but my only real complaint is the knurling, which I thought could be more aggressive. I think the machining process to make the knurl took multiple passes at different tracking speeds to make the grip a little more comfy. As a result, the knurl isn't quite even, and is more aggressive right outside the outer band then it is near the collar or inside the bands, however it's all totally usable. I'd appreciate only one band and some center knurling too, but hey. The sleeves are grooved to help keep plates on, however I find I *really* need to use clips, that could certainly be an issue with my plates though. Spin is totally fine. I've had the bar for about 5 months now, since then I've noticed a bit of rust on the end of the sleeves a few times, but I've been able to totally brush that off. There is a bit of lateral play on the sleeves, but it's totally fine, I think it may contribute to the bar bouncing to the side when it's dropped, but its not noticeable when lifting.

Bells of Steel Olympic Weightlifting Barbell - The B.o.S.  Bar 2.0 Review