bells of steel Deadlift Jack
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Deadlift Jack

Spare your back and keep the knurling of your barbell pristine with the plastic-lined Deadlift Jack.


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Save your back (and your bar) with the Deadlift Jack from Bells of Steel.

This handy deadlift jack spares you from straining your back when swapping weight plates on your bar, while preserving its knurling with plastic-lined cups.

Benefits of the Deadlift Jack

  • Ergonomic build. Poorly designed deadlift jacks often have short handles. This makes raising up heavy weights very hard without extra help— no bueno. With the Bells of Steel Deadlift Jack, the long handle gives you a better lever for lifting massive weights.
  • Easy assembly. Our deadlift bar jack ships unassembled to keep shipping costs as low as can be. Along with the no-fuss assembly, you’ll be swapping plates off bars within minutes. Knock that chalk off your shoulder, you home gym champion.
  • Saves your knurling. Inferior deadlift jacks lack plastic-lined cups that are also narrowly spaced. Not only will this wear down your barbell’s knurling, but narrowly spaced cups can lead to a bent bar when enough weight is loaded. Our deadlift jack avoids these common issues with a spacious 39″ gap between the triple-padded HDPE cups, maintaining your knurling for years to come.


Jack Width1,060mm/41.7"
Jack Depth500mm/19.7"
Handle Length914mm/36"
CoatingBlack Powder Coat
Cup LiningHDPE
Warranty Capacity362.3kg/800lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions42" x 15" x 5"
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty

IMPORTANT:  While the cups of the Deadlift Jack are lined with HDPE, wearing of these plastic liners over time is expected.  Coarse knurling will accelerate this process.


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