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Body Bars


Skip the plate loading with the convenient and comfortable Body Bars! Multiple sizes with colour-coded ends.

FEATURES • 30-43mm diameter • 48-60″ length • Multiple weight options • Foam padded • Colour-coded ends • Ships assembled





Skip the plate loading with the convenient and comfortable Body Bars!

Level up with a Body Bar! And no, we’re not talking about your shower routine.

Benefits of the Body Bar

    One of the biggest advantages of body bars is their exercise versatility. From strength training to conditioning work, these weighted bars can be used for almost any exercise you’d do with a regular Olympic barbell. Whether you’re into strength, bodybuilding, or circuit training, there are body bars to match nearly any fitness level. Plus, you can add some serious fun to your workouts by challenging your swolemate to a lightsaber duel — EN GARDE!🤺
    You don’t need the aggressive knurl of a powerlifting bar to combat sweaty hands. Coated with dense foam padding, these body bars are surprisingly grippy which is helpful to avoid slippage on your 19th round of bar thrusters. And thanks to the thick 30-43mm diameter, it’ll be no problem to get a grip on your body bar when you’re struggling to finish your HIIT workout. Good thing you’ve got your pillow ab mat for a post-workout nap 💤
    Traditional barbells are cool and all, but a body bar can be a better alternative for group training and solo circuit training. Each weighted bar is a solid metal core coated with durable foam padding, so you can skip the weight plate loading entirely. At only 48-60″ long, the body bars are portable and each has a colourful end cap for easy weight identification. Add in some core sliders & trifold mats to your collection (and the voice of a drill sergeant), and you’re ready to run your own boot camp 💪🏻

Specs - Body Bar

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 5lbs/2.27kg
Length Range 48-60"
Diameter Range 30-43mm
Padding Dense Foam
Warranty 1-Year

IMPORTANT: The Body Bars are covered under a 1-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the weights of the Body Bars?

    The weights of the Body Bars are: 5lbs, 8lbs, 10lb, 12lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs.

  • What are the dimensions of the Body Bars?

    The dimensions of the Body Bars are:

    • 48-60″ length
    • 30-43mm diameter
  • What is the outer material of the Body Bar?

    The outer material of the Body Bar is a dense foam padding.

  • How grippy is the Body Bar?

    The Body Bar is grippy but not too tacky, so it won’t stick to your hands or clothing when used.

  • What are the shipping box dimensions of the Body Bars?

    The shipping box dimensions of the Body Bars are:

    • 5.9-31.5lb weight
    • 50.5-62.25” length
    • 2.5-3“ width
    • 2.5-3“ height
  • What is the warranty on the Body Bar?

    The Body Bar is covered under a 1-year, which guarantees that it will not break under normal use and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.