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Home Gym Starter Set

The Home Gym Starter Set is a simple — yet effective — barbell and plate set.

It includes 1 x Utility Barbell, 1 x pair of spring collars and the following Conflict Bumper Plates: 1 x pair of 10lbs, 1 x pair of 25lbs and 1 x pair of 45lbs.

Add on optional extras to craft the home gym starter set of your dreams!

From: $599.99




The Home Gym Starter Set include

utility bar

1 x Utility Bar

The Utility Barbell is the perfect multi-purpose bar for powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting exercises.

Conflict bumper Plate

160lb Set of Bumper Plates

Includes: 1 x pair of 10lbs, 1 x pair of 25lbs and 1 x pair of 45lbs of our premium Conflict Bumper Plates.

Spring Collars

1 x Pair of Spring Collars

A basic set of spring collars to hold your weight plates on your bar.

Optional extras

squat stand 3.0

Squat Stand 3.0

A portable, compact and inexpensive solution for squatting and benching.

Stands include one pair of triple padded j cups.

Residential Power Rack

Residential Rack

The 4.1 version of our perfect Power Rack to complement your home gym, at an affordable price that doesn’t compromise quality.

The rack includes one pair of triple padded j-cups, pin pipe safeties, bare steel pull-up bar and concrete anchors.

bench commercial 3.0

FID Bench

High quality, heavy-duty, and versatile weight bench. Effectively 3 weight benches in 1.

Mighty Grip Fat Flat Bench

A heavy-duty flat bench with an extra-thick bench pad.

Or select the optional Wide Load version that comes with an additional 36lb extra-wide and sticky flat bench pad.