bells of steel heavy duty weight bench
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Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench

An ultra-stable, heavy-duty flat weight bench. Includes a 4.3″ premium vinyl pad, and can be stored vertically.

FEATURES • 4-point foot design • Premium vinyl upholstery • 39kg/86lbs weight • Black powder coat • Vertical storage option • Sturdy 11-gauge steel • 4.3” thick pad • 1,000lb capacity


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Sturdy, safe, and portable. Get it all with the Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench.

After much feedback, we upgraded our Mighty Grip Fat Flat Bench and turned it into a bench-juggernaut.

Overbuilt? Yes. Overpowered? Yes. Overrated? Not in your wildest dreams.

Benefits of the Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench

    Between the easy-grab front handle and the sturdy rear wheels, moving this heavy-duty weight bench into your power rack (or across your entire gym) is surprisingly easy. We’re not saying that you should go 4×4’ing with this bad boy, but seriously — send us a picture if you do.
    Most home gyms are in a never-ending battle between equipment and floor space. To help shift the odds in your favour, the Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench includes a dense rubber piece that is bolted on near the head of the bench. This means that it can be stored vertically without the pad ever being in contact with the floor.
    Not much in life is more sketchy than trying to hit a bench press PR on a wobbly bench. With the Hero Heavy-Duty Weight Bench, you can kiss that worry goodbye. Weighing in at a hefty 86lbs and featuring a sturdy four-legged design, you might just slap on those extra 100lb Mighty Grip Plates after all.
    Forget the slick, slippery benches you’ve tried in the past. The grippy premium vinyl upholstery on the 4.3” thick pad of our heavy-duty weight bench will help you keep your arch while benching.


BrandBells of Steel
Pad Thickness109mm/4.3"
ColourMatte Black
CoatingPowder Coat
Steel Thickness11-Gauge
Max Capacity454kg/1,000lbs
WarrantySee Below

WARRANTY: 180-day warranty on wheels & upholstery and Limited Lifetime Warranty on bench frame.

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