Deep Dish Plate
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Deep Dish Plates

Wind back the clock to lifting glory with these deep dish plates!

Covered in a gorgeous, semi-gloss black e-coat for ultra rust resistance with a precise 50.5mm centre hole.

FEATURES • Machined steel • Weight tolerance +/-1% • Black e-coat • Semi-gloss finish • 50.5mm centre hole • Weights in LB • Sold in pairs & sets





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Bring back the golden era of lifting with these Deep Dish Plates.

Nothing beats old-school iron.

And with these deep dish plates, you can bring back those same vintage vibes — without having to dig out your leg warmers or water bed.

Benefits of Deep Dish Plates

    Remember the good ol’ days of lifting? Like when Arnold, Lou and Franco were going toe-to-toe in Pumping Iron with that sweet, sweet sound of iron plates clangin’ & bangin’ like a chorus of a thousand baby angels? With these deep dish plates, you too can wind the clock back to that golden era of lifting — minus the high socks & headband.
    Does your Castle of Gains feel more like a steam room than a home gym? Your bare steel powerlifting bar won’t thrive in such a humid environment, but these deep dish plates will definitely answer the call. The electro-coating (e-coat) that is applied to them binds directly to the iron for outstanding durability & rust resistance. So you can sweat (or cry) on them between sets without worry.
    So, you care about your plates being accurate… but not TOO accurate. And as jaw-dropping as +/-10 grams can be, calibrated powerlifting plates do cost a pretty penny. That said, these deep dish plates offer a respectable (and guaranteed!) tolerance of +/- 1%. If you’re looking for excellent quality but a less precise plate, be sure to check out our E-Coat Mighty Grip Iron Plates.


BrandBells of Steel
Plate DiameterVaries
Hole Diameter1.98"/50.5mm
MaterialMachined Iron
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: These plates have a precision-cut 50.5mm centre hole, so the sleeves of non-Olympic barbells might not fit if they’re out of spec.

Dimensions Guide

WeightPercent ToleranceWeight ToleranceDiameter (+-.5mm tolerance)Thickness

More AWESOME features on the Deep Dish Plates

Deep Dish Plate

Natural Texture

Originally made for the automotive industry, e-coating has become increasingly popular due to its excellent durability and rust resistance. It’s applied in a thin layer, so the smooth e-coat binds closely to the iron to allow the natural grit underneath to be felt.

Deep dish plates

Easy Cleaning

Thought these deep dish plates were just pretty to look at? Don’t be silly! Since the e-coat binds directly to the iron in a smooth layer, there are fewer nooks for chalk, sweat and bacteria to hide. One quick wipe and your plates are squeaky clean!

Deep Dish plate 100lb

Precise Fit

Inferior deep dish plates have large center hole diameters, allowing them to rattle around on your barbell like a beach ball at a music festival. On the other hand, ours are precision-drilled with a hole diameter of 50.5mm, giving your plates that snuggly-wuggly fit.

Deep Dish Plate

Gorgeous Black Colour

So, you’re not a huge fan of the gray hammertone colour on our original machined plates? No biggie. The semi-gloss, all-black colour on these deep dish plates will upgrade your space by becoming the sleek centrepiece of your home gym.

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