Commercial Interchangeable Weight Rack Showing Different Configurations
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Commercial Interchangeable Weight Rack

Store your commercial dumbbells & competition kettlebells in style with the Interchangeable Weight Rack.

Swappable trays & shelves in multiple lengths for the perfect fit in your gym!

FEATURES • Interchangeable design • 3 DB tray lengths • 2 KB shelf lengths • 1200lb capacity • Black power coat • Hardware included • Ships unassembled





Flaunt your prized dumbbells & kettlebells in immaculate style.

Just like with children, it’s normal to have a favourite love them equally without question.

But with the Interchangeable Weight Rack, you can display your implements with the tender appreciation they deserve — while keeping them guessing on who the star child really is.

Benefits of the Interchangeable Weight Rack

    Like bickering children at the dinner table, the options on this interchangeable weight rack can get a BIT chaotic. So, let’s set things straight: two 34″ trays fits our 85-100lb set of commercial dumbbells. Two 49″ trays fits our 55-80lb set. And two 69″ tray fits our 5-50lb set. Meanwhile, those snarky squabbling sisters (I mean, shelves) come in just two lengths. The 49″ shelf can handle 5 competition kettlebells side-by-side. And the longer 69″ shelf fits 7 competition bells. Alright…everyone good? Cool. Now, eat your vegetables.
    If you thought that a reversible t-shirt on a messy toddler was the peak of practicality, think again. Thanks to the swappable design of this interchangeable weight rack, expanding your dumbbell or kettlebell arsenal has never been easier. With the option to have 1 dumbbell tray and 1 kettlebell shelf on the same unit, you can mix & match to your heart’s content. And if you ever want to flip your tray & shelf, it’s easy peasy. Remove the bolts, swap em’, and retighten the bolts — tadaaa! If only reversing the shirt on a screaming lil’ rascal was that easy.
    A busy family’s home can be a little lawless — toys scattered across the floor, the entire counter covered in dishes, a laundry pile 8 feet high… you get the idea. What’s funny though, is that a home gym can fall prey to the exact same higgledy-piggledy clutter! Friend, you MUST revolt against this anarchy. And there is no weapon more powerful than our interchangeable weight rack. Suddenly, your implements that were strewn across your gym floor are immaculately organized on a compact storage rack. Now, if only they could lift themselves…


BrandBells of Steel
Total LengthVaries
Total Depth23.25”/591mm
Total Height21"/533mm
CoatingBlack Powder Coat
Total Capacity1200lbs/544kg
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
Dumbbell Trays
Length34", 49" or 69"
Tray Depth2.25"/57mm
Gap Distance5.3"/135mm
Capacity Per Tray600lbs/272kg
Kettlebell Shelves
Length49" or 69"
Shelf Depth9.75"/247mm
Rear Ridge Height2"/51mm
Capacity Per Shelf600lbs/272kg

IMPORTANT: If using the interchangeable weight racks for non-BOS implements, please ensure that you’re selecting the correct length of tray/shelf for your needs.

More AWESOME features of the Interchangeable Weight Rack

Rust-Resistant Coating

Rust-Resistant Coating

The interchangeable weight rack is sprayed with a lightly textured powder coat, which helps keep those nasty rust fairies at bay. And the matte black colour provides a subtle look that lets your prized implements do the talking.

Huge 1200lb Capacity

Huge 1200lb Capacity

Each tray/shelf can hold up to 600lbs, for a combined total of up to 1200lbs! The rubberized grips on the bottom of the feet help this stout beefcake to sit flat & stay in place. And while it’s not quite as indestructible as a kid’s outdoor playset, it’s pretty darn close.

Adds Creative Flair

Adds Creative Flair

From the front, the slim legs of the interchangeable weight rack hardly stand out. But the side is where they put on a real show. Our classic BOS logo with the edgy spiderweb design on the legs combines modesty with a dash of 🔥

Fits Select Non-BOS Dumbbells

Fits Select Non-BOS Dumbbells

The interchangeable weight rack tray lengths were made for our Commercial Urethane Dumbbells, but they’re universal enough to fit most dumbbells. Measure the inner distance between the heads of your dumbbells to confirm they’ll sit properly in the trays.

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Easy to Assemble, Did not fit dumbbells

Love the design and easy of assembly but dumbbells did not fit in rack. I have a set of rubber hex dumbbells and the two trays are too far apart and would not sit inside the tray. I needed to drill out the holes and grind them out to allow me to have the two trays closer together in order to fit. This could simply be resolved to have one set of the holes be slotted instead of just holes to allow for some adjusting for various dumbbell sets. Overall it works for what I want just took additional setup to get there.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Stay healthy and get stronger

Bells of Steel

Hi Darryl, Thank you for reviewing our commercial weight rack. We are sorry to hear these did not fit your dumbbells at first, but are glad you were able to find a solution. We will certainly take your recommendation into consideration for future iterations of this rack and want to thank you for the invaluable feedback. Sincerely, Marcus & the BoS team


Beautiful and functional design, easy to assemble, does the job!

It's a perfectly functional weight rack - but with unique twists, like the custom creative BoS sides and interchangeable shelves. We're using it for kettlebells, and it's perfect. The one thing which is weird with kettlebells is that the top and bottom racks look like they're staggered slightly too much, but that positioning makes sense for dumbbells, so no worries there. Very easy to assemble. Would buy again!

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Onwards and upwards!
Bells of Steel Commercial Interchangeable Weight Rack Review

Bells of Steel

Hey there, Thank you for the review, we are happy to hear you are loving the Commercial Interchangeable Weight Rack and its organizational ability. Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew