Hydra Four Post with attachments
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Hydra 3 x 3 inch Four Post Power Rack

Feast your eyes on the fabled 3″ x 3″ 4-post rack with 5/8″ holes.

So sturdy. So customizable. So very much worth the financial sacrifice for a never-have-to-upgrade power rack. You know what they say though… buy once, cry once.

Scroll down as I take you through the magical journey of building your perfect power rack!

FEATURES • True 3″ x 3″ uprights • 5/8″ holes • 11-gauge steel  • 1,000lb capacity • Black powder coat • Hardware included • Ships unassembled




The 4 Post Power Rack — it doesn't get more iconic than this.

This power rack is to home gyms, what maple syrup is to Canada: world-renowned, and the sign of impeccable taste. *chef’s kiss*

Benefits of the Hydra 3" x 3" Four Post Power Rack

    This 4 post power rack is the granddaddy of all rack configurations. If you want your rack to outlast heavy squats, handle big bench presses and withstand a set of chin-ups with 8 kids latching onto your waist, then this is the rack to get. This bad boy weighs a hefty +250lbs but lacks the upgraded stability of the 4 Post Flat Foot, so we’d recommend bolting it down before you go trying for a new chin-up PR. Oh, and did we mention you’ll fit in with the cool crowd with this rack? *nudge nudge*
    If you’re a die-hard fan of the metric system, then listen up: the uprights of our Hydra racks measure true 3″ x 3″ which is EXACTLY 76.2mm x 76.2mm, instead of the typical 75mm x 75mm uprights of other brands’ imported racks. By matching the same tubing specs as many of our American competitors who make their racks on US soil *respectfully tips hat*, you can mix and match attachments freely without needing to stick to one brand — hello, open ecosystem! Just be sure to research thoroughly BEFORE you begin the mingling shenanigans, deal?
    QUICK! Name three things in life you can’t live without. I’ll go first — pockets, sliced bread, and… a customizable power rack 😎 Choose a pre-made design like you see here or build your own piece-by-piece. You can always add separate components later when you’re ready to expand your unit with weight plate storage, or divide and conquer by splitting your rack into two collegiate-style racks for double the fun. As you can see, we put a lot of thought into this… our mom would be SO proud.


BrandBells of Steel
Total Length (Depth)35", 41" or 54"
Total Width47" or 49"
Total Height72", 84", 90" or 108"
Upright SpecsTrue 3" x 3"
Hole Size5/8"
Hole Spacing1" & 2"
Steel Thickness11-Gauge/2.9mm
CoatingPowder Coat
Weight Capacity1,000lbs
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Our Hydra series of power racks are true 3″ x 3″ tubing with 5/8″ holes, so only attachments made precisely for 76.2mm x 76.2mm uprights will fit.

More AWESOME features on the Hydra 3" x 3" Four Post Power Rack

Hefty 11-Gauge Steel

Hefty 11-Gauge Steel

Built with 11-gauge steel, this bad boy can handle the weight capacity needs of world-class lifters. You get even more stability than our Light Commercial Rack which means less shaking when racking your bar or while using attachments. Even if it’s not bolted down, you’ll feel that true #heavyweight status.

Laser Cut Numbers

Laser Cut Numbers

Trying to line up your j-cups perfectly can be a pain in the you-know-what. And unlike many of our competitors, we have lasered numbers every 1-2 holes to make adjustments a breeze. So you can easily change your j-cup height after your widow-maker squat set… because counting is HARD WORK when you can barely breathe.

1" Spacing in Bench Zone

1" Spacing in Bench Zone

Ready to settle for 2″ hole spacing throughout? Pffft, not a chance. You are an efficient and optimized MACHINE, that’s why we went with extra precise 1″ hole spacing to make unracking a heavy bar a little easier. After all, every morsel of energy matters when going for that 1lb PR (fractional plates, you da real MVP).

Hydra black Safety Straps

No Spotter Needed

If you train alone, then you know what it’s all about: your own music, no line-ups, and curls in the squat rack. However, it’s essential that you train safely and that’s why every Hydra rack comes with your choice of pin pipe safeties, safety straps, or spotter arms. You should NEVER hesitate to dump a loaded barbell if needed.

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A Bells of Steel Customer
  • My Fitness Goal Is: general fitness and longevity

Excellent value!

I saved money by picking the rack up in Toronto. This is a tank of a rack. Pictures do not do it justice. Its overbuilt in a good way. My kids are now working out with me, which is a blessing. So happy ti support a Canadian company doing good work!

Bells of Steel Hydra 3 x 3 inch Four Post Power Rack Review

Bells of Steel

Hi Jayce, Thank you so much for taking the time to review our Hydra 4 post rack. We are delighted that you have found great peace in knowing how overbuilt we have made this rack and that your little ones have even joined in too! Thank you for supporting a Canadian company. Sincerely, Marcus & The BoS team

Colin S.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength

Absolute unit

Very happy with my hydra rack. After using a cheap rack for several years I decided to upgrade to something more substantial. This is a very sturdy rack, the 3x3 uprights and 11 gauge steel give it a commercial gym feel, and the black powder coat gives it a high quality look. I purchased the bolt on straight pull-up bar and the dip attachment and am quite happy with the quality. I also appreciate that the uprights and crossbeams can be purchased separately, in the future I plan on turning my 4 post into a 6 post rack. The customer service is also fantastic, they were very responsive from my experience. The packaging was all high quality, nothing was damaged on arrival. I live locally but shipping was quite fast, my order arrived 3 business days after ordering.

Bells of Steel Hydra 3 x 3 inch Four Post Power Rack Review

Bells of Steel

Hi Colin, Thank you so much for such a fantastic review of our new Hydra 4 post rack. We are delighted that you are enjoying its beefiness and that you plan on upgrading to a 6 post in the future.We look forward to serving you. Marcus & the BoS team

Tyler W.
United States United States
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Get healthier

The Small Things

After a month of waiting (Ordered it Nov. 18 and received it Dec. 19) I finally received my rack. Apart the top pieces popping off ever so slightly on all the uprights, the rack is amazing. Welds are great, the lazer-cut numbering is amazing, finish...everything about the rack is great. However, the reason I'm giving it a 3 is because shipping and customer service is honestly a hassle. Took over month to finally receive the rack. I wouldn't be too upset over it (with it being the holidays) if I was able to receive my information or contact support easily enough. Took many trys to talk with someone and each time I did, they said they would send my tracking number and all relevant information to my email. Never did. I was surprised by my rack arriving. I was actually about to try and cancel my order on the day it arrived because i was tired of waiting and not knowing. Well, at least I finally have my rack. So I went to assemble it and all that. Well turns out they never sent the pieces that the safety straps attach to that connect to the rack. This, after ordering the spotter arms initially but was *graciously* upgraded to the safety straps, after being told the arms were on hold till February. I figured the pieces come with it but I guess I was wrong. So now I have a pair of 150ish dollar straps but no safety equipment of any kind. It's this kind of stuff that just gets infuriating... TL:DR the rack itself is great but the extras associated with it, shipping, and customer service may end up ruining your experience

Bells of Steel Hydra 3 x 3 inch Four Post Power Rack Review