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Canada's Best Collection of Weight Plates

If you’re looking to buy weight plates online in Canada, then congratulations! You’ve come to the right place! Bells of Steel offers a diverse selection of the best weight plates on the market to meet the needs of any strength training athlete. No matter who you are or what barbell sport you call your own, we have weight plates for you!

Bumper plates are rubber coated, offering better protection to your equipment and flooring than traditional iron plates. This also makes them ideal for Olympic weightlifting, due to frequent drops from hip, shoulder and overhead positions.

Cast iron plates are more affordable due to their no-frills design. They’re also fairly thick, though the large handles make them easy to hold.

Bumper Plates

Bumper Plates

Dead Bounce Conflict Plates

Dead Bounce Conflict

Bumper Plates – Lb

These coloured, low-smell commercial-grade bumper plates have an ultra-durable design to prevent common bumper breakdowns. Ideal for home and commercial use, at an excellent price.

  • Low-smell
  • Ultra-durable
  • Shock-absorbing

All Black Bumper Plates – Lb

Dead Bounce

These heavy duty commercial grade lb bumper plates have a thick steel bearing insert rings with a 3 anchor point system to prevent common bumper breakdowns. Ideal for home and commercial use, at an excellent price.

  • High-Density Virgin Rubber For Minimal Bounce
  • Locked-in Steel Hub For Max Durability
  • +/- 1% of the Claimed Weight For Accurate PR’s
Dead Bounce All Black Bumper Plates
Crumb Bumper Plate

Crumb Bumper Plates

Colour Flecks – Lb

These commercial grade low odour lb bumper plates have a thick stainless steel insert ring with 3 anchor points to prevent common bumper breakdowns. The crumb material absorbs more shock, is quieter and ultra-durable. Ideal for lifters who don’t have a platform and feature colour coordinated flecks for easy weight identification.

  • Crumb Build For Serious Shock-Absorbing
  • Fully Rubberized To Save Your Floors
  • Fully Rubberized To Save Your Floors

Color Competition

Bumper Plate

Highly accurate Competition Bumper Plates in striking colors and at an excellent price.

  • All plates are 450mm in diameter as per IWF specs
  • Made of moulded, high density virgin rubber
  • Colored bumpers are not just aesthetically pleasing, they offer additional functionality
Color Competition Plate

The Bells of Steel Dead Bounce Bumper Plates are our best-selling rubber Olympic bumper plates. These 100% virgin rubber, commercial-grade bumpers feature a stainless steel insert that cannot be dislodged from the rubber; thanks to a three-point anchor system. That’s right — the common issue of insert separation is no longer a concern with the Dead Bounce Bumpers.

Iron Plates

Iron Plates

Fractional Plates

0.5lb Fractional Plate (Set Of 8)

Iron Plates

Fractional cast iron plates, with a guaranteed weight tolerance of +/- 1%. These fit standard 2” barbells and an entire set include eight (8) fractional plates that weigh .5 lbs each (4 pounds total).

  • Better Micro-Landing For Less Plateaus
  • Load 1lb Increments For Easier PRs
  • Double As Ninja-Throwing Stars (Just Kidding)

Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates

Iron Plates

The evolution in weight plates with an awesome design and guaranteed +/- 3% weight tolerance and a 51mm hole diameter for less “slop” on your bar.

  • Ergonomic Grip Design To Save Your Toes
  • Accurate to Within 3% For Precise PRs
  • Hammertone Coat To Avoid Chipping
Machined Iron Plates

Machined Iron Olympic Weight Plates

Iron Plates

Precision machined plates with a guaranteed weight tolerance of +/- 1% for 45, 35, and 25 and +/- 3% for 10, 5, 2.5 and precision fit 50.5mm center hole.

  • Snug Centre Hole For No Sloppiness
  • 20% Slimmer To Load Up The Weights
  • Accurate to 0.9lbs For PRs You Can Trust

The Dead Bounce Bumper Plates have a 100% virgin rubber construction, giving them the best rebound control out of all our Bells of Steel bumpers. They also feature thick steel bearing insert rings with a 3 anchor point system to avoid common bumper breakdowns.

Our middle-tier bumpers are the Conflict Bumper Plates. These high-visibility plates have vibrant colors to provide instant weight identification. They have low-to-medium shock absorption for predictable control.

The Crumb Bumper Plates are our most economical bumper. They’re made from 100% recycled rubber — resulting in significantly more bounce — but have a thick stainless steel hub with 3 anchor points to improve their lifespan.

The Mighty Grip Plates are our most economical iron plate option. They are cast iron plates with a hammertone finish; a coating that prevents rust and helps to make the plate more aesthetically pleasing. They feature large, ergonomic holes that ease the process of loading and unloading plates on the bar and allow them to be used for a multitude of exercises like farmer’s carries, shrugs, and steering wheels.

The Machined Weight Plates are our middle-tier option. Equipped with the same hammertone finish, these plates have an extra-precise center hole to ensure a snug fit on your bar. Being slightly thinner, they allow for more plates to be loaded on your bar — putting them at a slightly higher price point.

Finally, our 0.5lb Fractional Plate Set allows for better loading on your isolation exercises. Complete with 8 fractional plates weighing 0.5lbs each, you can choose to add 1-4 pounds to the barbell lift of your choice for easier PRs.

Calibrated Powerlifting Plates

By StrongArm

Competition quality calibrated plates within 10 grams of claimed weight at an unbeatable price. All sets include as many 25 kg’s as you select, and a pair each of 20, 15, 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25 kg plates

  • Ultra-Precise Toleranse For Serious Lifters
  • Colour Coded For Instant Identifying
  • Thinner Width For Loading More Weight

Now you know where to buy the best weight plates online – Bells of Steel! Ships from Calgary