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Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar

One of the most versatile specialty barbells you can get for your gym. The Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar is our spin-off of the classic Swiss Bar and doubles as a cable attachment.

UPDATE: The sleeve diameter of the Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar has been increased to 49.7mm so that Olympic collars will fit correctly. Any Arch Bars sold before November 7, 2023 have the old 48mm diameter and will require axle collars as a result.

“The Arch Nemesis has been a nice addition to my garage gym. Well constructed and unlocked a number of different exercises.” – Dennis T.


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The Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar/attachment is essential for lifters with bad shoulders

One of the most versatile specialty barbells you can get, the Arch Nemesis is not only a shoulder saver and a bench builder, but it also doubles as a cable attachment. This welded bar has three different angled grips and a hook on the top for easy attachment onto whatever cable machine you have — or even better — pair it with the Bells of Steel Belt Squat Machine.

Want to learn more about specialty bars? Then read our article: Best Specialty Barbells for Strength Training.

IMPORTANT: Please note the sleeves on the Arch Nemesis Bar are made of steel tubing instead of traditional machined barbell sleeves. They won’t rotate like a barbell sleeve but have a 49.7mm diameter, so Olympic collars will fit correctly. This means axle collars are NOT needed.


Measurements5.5″ x 7.5″ / 140 mm x 190 mm
Max Capacity600 lbs / 272 kg
Bar Weight24lb / 11kg
Length78″ / 1981 mm
Grip Handle DistancesNarrow: 12″ / 305 mm | Middle: 20.5″ / 521 mm | Wide: 29″ / 737 mm

Benefits of the Arch Nemesis Barbell

  • It protects your shoulders
    The 3 different neutral handle grips on the bar are a Surefire way to alleviate shoulder pain when pressing. The Arch Nemesis Bar also can allow a lifter with shoulder problems to get back to pressing with little shoulder discomfort.
  • It will increase your bench
    The bar has been used very successfully to develop lockout strength by shifting the stress to your triceps which will increase your lockout strength with big weights. The arch shape allows you to go beyond your typical ROM and get even deeper for massive gains. For more, check out the Top 5 Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar Benefits.

Here is a list of some of the most popular movements you can do with it

  • Bench Press
  • Bent over rows
  • Lat pull down
  • Hammer Curls
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Good for the price

Overall I'm very happy with this bar. I wanted a swiss bar for a while and I'd actually used one of these at a gym I go to every now and then and knew I liked it. When it went on sale for $150 I knew I needed to jump on it at that price. There are cons like the weight but I'm sure that keeps the price down. I'm unsure I'll use the cable attachment. I already had some adjustable clips so the sleeve size was a non-issue for me. Powder coat was good with only like 2 minor dings (I use my equipment so not worried about this at all). Welds look solid even if not the prettiest (again I don't care about that really). The biggest thing I don't like about the bar is the label they stick on it. It isn't centered to the cable attachment so it's driving my OCD crazy.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength
Bells of Steel Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar Review

Bells of Steel

HI Rob, Thank you so much for the honest review of our arch nemesis Swiss bar. We are so happy to hear that you have been overall pleased with your purchase and were able to snag this on sale too ! We hope you continue to enjoy using this piece and we wish you the best. Yours in strength, Marcus & the BoS team

Jordan S.

Solid swiss bar at a great price

I spent a lot of time shopping for a swiss bar, considering price, quality, reviews, etc... and settled on the Arch Nemesis Swiss bar. I'm new to lifting, and am very impressed with this bar! The camber design allows me to get nice and low for benching. Quality is good - no issues with welds. Knurling is very mild, almost unnoticable. I love how the sleeves are large enough to accommodate any olympic collar. The bar is just large enough to be rackable for my rack - there isn't much wiggle room, but I does fit. I suppose it needs to be small enough to be useful as a lat cable attachment. My only gripe is the knurling, which isn't really a big deal for me. I wish it was a touch more aggressive, but this isn't a deal breaker. Highly recommend! can't beat the price.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: general fitness and some gains
Bells of Steel Arch Nemesis Swiss Bar Review

Bells of Steel

Hi Jordan, Thank you for your review of our plate arch nemesis bar today. We are glad this has been an asset to you and your training. We hope you continue to enjoy using it and we wish you the best! Yours in strength, Marcus & the BoS team