Meet the Bells of Steel team of Athletes

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Amanda photo
Amanda Saccomanno
Amanda Rose Saccomanno is an American professional wrestler and WWE superstar, television personality, and fitness and figure competitor. With her busy schedule, and need to train. Her home gym was a necessity and now has become her obession!
Jonni photo
Jonni is a IFBB® Pro. ISSA Elite Strength and Conditioning coach, Competitor, and Caring Father. Jonni’s YouTube channel has helped him spread the truth and how to read through the lines with the constant out pour of fitness BS on the internet while offering insightful lifting videos on how to best grow and get stronger!
Maxime photo
Maxime Boudreault is a Canadian professional strongman competitor from northeastern Ontario. He secured 3rd place in the 2021 World’s Strongest Man competition in Sacramento, California and won the inaugural ‘Magnús Ver Magnússon Strongman Classic’ competition in 2021 in Iceland.
daria photo
Daria Berenato
Daria Rae Berenato is an American professional wrestler and WWE superstar going by Sonya Devile. Daria believes that training like an athelete will help your overall well-being and prep your body for whatever life has to throw at you. And with a weekly schedule thats packed, her only way to train is with her Home Gym.
tanner photo
Tanner Tolman
A former MMA fighter and Fitness enthusiast turned TikTok Star, Tanner is the nerdgym trainer on tiktok and has captured millions of people’s attention through his fun yet helpful content on fitness through his combination of cosplay and fitness knowledge.
matt kido photo
Matt Kido
Matt Kido is an inspiration to many people, from humble beginnings to engaging thousands s of people through his youtube channel Gokuflex. Matt has turned his passion for fitness into content for millions to see with tips on nutrition, fitness, and entertaining content for anime fans and fitness enthusiasts alike!
samantha photo
Samantha Belliveau
Samantha Belliveau is a Canadian professional Strongwoman,Personal trainer & Coach at MSP Private Studio. Althought still early in her career She has already won the MW Arnold Amateur Champion 2022 and currently holds the ATWR Circus Dumbbell.
alexander photo
Alexander Leonidas
Alexander is the founder of Alphadestiny. A Youtube Channcel and Company with the ultimate goal is to help people achieve the body of their dreams, while empowering them to live a better life. He has helped thousands of lifters accomplish their goals, through his informative content on youtube based on his knowledgeon concurrent periodization, natural potential, full body workouts, yoke training, health/nutrition, and special strength training methods.
bryce photo
Bryce Krawczyk
“Bryce Krawczyk is an IPF Classic World Silver Medalist, 3-time CPU National Championship, and former IPF Open World Record holder. He Is also the founder of Calgary Barbell, a company and Youtube Channel with the goal to provide quality educational and entertaining content for people interested in powerlifting from beginnger to advanced via YouTube and Instagram. Bryce has been coaching athletes ranging from first-time competitors to IPF World Medalists.”