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Mighty Grip Olympic Weight Plates

The evolution in weight plates with an awesome design and guaranteed +/- 3% weight tolerance and a 51mm hole diameter for less “slop” on your bar.





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MIghty Grip olympic plates set

Craft your own personalized Mighty Grip Olympic Plates Custom Set by choosing a minimum of 3 pairs, and get 10% off.

High Quality Weight Plate With An Awesome Design.

Our new mighty grip Olympic weight plates feature a beautiful, ergonomic design. An ultra-durable hammertone powder coat for superior toughness and resistance to chipping.

The precision grip handles make loading plates onto the bar and re-racking plates a breeze, and they’re large enough for even huge hands. The comfort grip also allows the plates themselves to be used for exercises like steering wheels and farmers’ carries.

These plates are an excellent quality  cast iron made in a factory with over 40 years of casting experience. Because they are only cast and not machined, some minor blemishes and a +/-3% weight tolerance / 51mm hole is standard in the plates. If you’re looking for a precision fit and machined to perfection plate, be sure to check out our machined iron plates here. 

Outfitting your commercial gym?
Customized plates with your brand’s logo on them are available for bulk orders.
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5-Year Light Commercial Warranty against breakage.