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Machined Iron Olympic Weight Plates


Precision machined plates with a guaranteed weight tolerance of +/- 1% for 45, 35, and 25 and +/- 3% for 10, 5, 2.5 and precision fit 50.5mm center hole.





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Machine Iron Plates set

Craft your own personalized Machined Olympic Plates Custom Set by choosing a minimum of 3 pairs, and get 10% off.

Precision Weight Plates, Machined to Perfection.

Weight is weight, right? Your plates should add weight to the bar; that’s their job; it’s not rocket science!

But what if I told you your sloppy, 45lb plates you got for your 16th birthday from the local big box store were lying to you? The process of casting molten hot iron into moulds can be fickle.

Cast plates manufactured without proper quality control protocols can have as much as 4lbs weight variance, meaning you might have 41lbs on one side of the bar and 48lbs on the other side; leaving you prone to injuries from imbalanced bars, or even worse, finding out at your competition that you are 10lbs weaker than you thought, and missing the gold medal!

Our new machined iron plates are cast in a specialty casting factory with over 40 years of experience, then finished on a lathe that shaves of excessive weight from the back of the plate, followed by polishing and machining edges for an even smoother, more aesthetic plate.

The machined plates are a guaranteed tolerance of +/- 1% for 45, 35, and 25 and +/- 3% for 10, 5, 2.5. However, in our strict quality control and inspection, most plates are under that tolerance, and many fall within 10 grams of the claimed weight.

But we don’t stop there; the holes of the plates are cast smaller than the Olympic bar sleeve diameter of 2 inch/50mm and is then drilled out with a guaranteed precision hole fit of 50.5mm +.4mm tolerance, meaning your plates fit snug and erect on your bar.

Finally, the plates are smoothed, and any excess dirt/dust is flamethrowered off before being finished with an ultra-durable hammertone powder coat.

This additional precision work makes for a more expensive (albeit worth it!) weight plate. If you’re looking for excellent quality but a less precise plate, be sure to check out our mighty grip iron plates.

Outfitting your commercial gym?
Customized plates with your brand’s logo on them are available for bulk orders.
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Weight (lbs/kg)Weight Tolerance %Tolerance +/- GramsDiameter (+-.5mm tolerance)Thickness (in/mm)

5-Year Light Commercial Warranty against breakage. 

5-Year Light Commercial Warranty
against breakage.

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  • Rogue
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength and hypertrophy

Great plates, poor shipping

I ordered 2 pairs of 25lb plates and one pair of 10s, and they're all within the 1% tolerance. I give them 5 stars on that front. One of the 10lb plates has a small manufacturing defect, but it's no big deal. The 2 25lb pairs shipped separately, and they both arrived in pretty beat up packaging. The first package was literally falling apart. The second was just beat up and tearing. 3 of the 4 25s ended up with chipping from the rough delivery. I'm overall very happy with them, but i have to withhold a star for all of the chipping. It's unclear if this was UPS's fault or if they just needed better packaging.

Bells of Steel Machined Iron Olympic Weight Plates ReviewBells of Steel Machined Iron Olympic Weight Plates ReviewBells of Steel Machined Iron Olympic Weight Plates ReviewBells of Steel Machined Iron Olympic Weight Plates ReviewBells of Steel Machined Iron Olympic Weight Plates Review

Bells of Steel

Hi Alister, Thank you for reviewing our machined olympic plates. We are happy to hear you have been satisfied with these overall. We are sorry to hear about the beat up packaging and chipping caused to your new equipment. We will be reaching out shortly regarding this. Sincerely, Marcus & the BoS team

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Increase strength

Solid Plates

Plates are nice and serve their purpose. When comparing to other machined plates I own, I had to give them a 4. My biggest complaint would be that the machined edges toward the lip of the plate are pretty sharp. I actually cut my finger reaching for one. My other machined plates are smooth to the touch, so no worries about slicing my finger open. Another minor flaw is that the plates do have blemishes, but to me, as long as it's coated/protected, not a big deal. All together they are a decent plate, but could use a little work on the final finish.

tanner d.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: To get as hard as these plates

Top notch

They weight 25lbs and fit a 2inch bar

  • My Fitness Goal Is: General fitness and weight reduction

Excellent Plates

These are excellent plates. Mine are about 1% heavy. Within the stated tolerance but slightly heavy, not light. I would recommend them to a friend.


Bells of Steel

Thanks for the 5 Star Review! Great to hear that you are enjoying your your new plates and that it will help you stay strong and healthy long term! Happy lifting! Marcus and the B.o.S. Team

Jason K.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strong(er)

Great plates

A little slick to hold onto, nice fit to the bar, no slop Weight as advertised within tolerance A good set of plates!


Bells of Steel

Thanks for the 5 Star Review Jason! I'm glad you are happy with your new machined plates! They are a great option if you want to have a high quality, accurate feel similar to powerlifting plates, without spending a tonne of money. Happy lifting! Brandon and the B.o.S. Team