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Functional Trainer

Build functional and sport-specific strength, with hundreds of cable exercises at your fingertips.

FEATURES • Dual 72.6kg/160bs weight stacks 2:1 pull-ratio Aluminum pulleys Smooth bearings Black powder coat Multi-grip pull-up bar Attachment hooks

“I use this equipment multiple times a week. It’s amazing to have this gear in my home gym. I can’t recommend Bells of Steel enough.” – Zack M.

From: $1,999.99




Accessories for your Functional Trainer

  • Functional Trainer

    Build functional and sport-specific strength, with hundreds of cable exercises at your fingertips.

    FEATURES • Dual 72.6kg/160bs weight stacks 2:1 pull-ratio Alumi...

  • 20" Revolving Cable Bar with Safety Ends

    Pump up your arm muscles with the 20" Revolving Cable Bar with Safety Ends!

    FEATURES • 19.7" length • 5.3lb weight • 25mm diameter • Non-slip rubber grips • Carabiner com...

  • Double D Handle

    Give your back muscles a boost with the Double D Handle, perfect for lat pulldowns and cable rows!

    FEATURES • 7" handles• 4.2lb weight • 25mm diameter • Texturized rubber...

  • Double Hook Straight Bar

    Perform presses, rows, and other barbell-like exercises on your cable towers with the Double Hook Straight Bar!

    FEATURES • 47.2" length • 16.5lb weight • 30mm diameter • ...

  • Lat Pulldown Bar

    Bolster your back muscles with the stainless steel Lat Pulldown Bar!

    FEATURES • 47.6" length • 11.7lb weight • 25mm diameter • Stainless steel finish • Carabiner compatib...

  • Multi Grip Curl Bar

    Pump up your arm muscles while minimizing joint stress, with the Multi-Grip Curl Bar Attachment.

    FEATURES • 30.3" length • 7.7lb weight • 25mm diameter • Texturized rubbe...

  • Multi-Purpose Close Grip Cable Attachment

    Bolster your back muscles by performing pulldowns & rows from multiple angles with the Multi-Purpose Close Grip!

    FEATURES • 13.78" width • 8.82lb weight • 25mm diamet...

  • Multi-Purpose EZ Curl Bar - Double Hook

    Elevate your muscle gains from pushdowns & curls with the Multi-Purpose EZ Curl Bar - Double Hook attachment!

    FEATURES • 45.28" length • 12.13lb weight • 30mm diamete...

  • Multi-Purpose V Style Bar

    Elevate your muscle gains from pushdowns, rows, raises & more with the Multi-Purpose V Style Bar!

    FEATURES • 25.2" width • 6.61lb weight • 25mm diameter • Non-slip gr...

  • Nylon Adjustable Length Single Handle

    Isolate your arms, shoulders & chest with the Nylon Adjustable Length Single Handle!

    FEATURES • 24" length • 0.4lb weight • Durable nylon • 5 length settings • Carabi...

  • Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment 38"

    Bolster your back muscles from multiple angles with the Pro-Style Lat Bar Cable Attachment 38″!

    FEATURES • 5.9" long handles • 13.9lb weight • 25mm diameter • Non-slip ru...

  • Revolving Lat Bar with Safety Ends 48"

    Bolster your back muscles with pulldowns & rows by using the Revolving Lat Bar with Safety Ends 48"!

    FEATURES • 47.25" length • 11lb weight • 25mm diameter • Non-slip...

  • Single D Rubber Handle

    Isolate your arms, shoulders & chest with the smooth-rotating Single D Rubber Handle!

    FEATURES • 5.9" long handles • 1.8lb weight • 25mm diameter • Non-slip rubber gr...

  • Tricep Pressdown with Ergo Handgrips

    Transform your triceps with the ergonomic Tricep Pressdown with Ergo Handgrips!

    FEATURES • 5.9" long handles • 3.85lb weight • 25mm diameter • Non-slip rubber grip • Cara...

  • Tricep Rope Extension

    Transform your triceps with the Tricep Rope Extension!

    FEATURES • 27.6" length • 2lb weight • 25mm diameter • Plastic end caps • Carabiner compatible • 1-year warranty

  • Tricep Pulldown Rope - Single

    Transform your triceps, biceps & core with the Triceps Pressdown Rope!

    FEATURES • 14.8" length • 0.9lb weight • Nylon rope • Plastic end cap • Carabiner compatible • ...

The Functional Trainer adds hundreds of exercises to your arsenal —
without costing you an arm and a leg.

Hey, Home Gym Enthusiast. I know what you’re thinking.

You love barbell training, but you’re looking to add some variety to your home gym workouts. After all, variety is the spice of life.

And while functional movements, rehab, and bodybuilding are all in your sights you don’t want to shell out >$2,500 or sell your first-born child to get there.

Well, my friend — look no further.

The Bells of Steel Functional Trainer adds an unmatched amount of versatility to your home gym. With 16 cable heights, dual 160lb weight stacks, and two handles included, you can add hundreds of exercises to your routine and flex on the rest of your neighborhood.

IMPORTANT: Assembly required. In order to offer you more affordable shipping options, there are 9 separate boxes that assemble into the Functional Trainer.


Total Weight254kg/560lbs
Total Length (Depth)762mm/30”
Total Width1,346mm/53”
Total Height2,057mm/81”
Pull Ratio2:1
Coating FinishBlack powder coat
Pulley MaterialAluminum
Steel Rail Thickness14-gauge/2mm

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Benefits of the Functional Trainer

Here are just a few reasons why this Functional Trainer deserves a place in your gym:

  • Unreal versatility. Sure, a power rack gives you incredible versatility for barbell exercises. But the addition of a functional trainer makes the world your oyster. You can carefully rehab an injury, do sport-specific drills or just chase the pump! To learn more, check out 10 Functional Trainer Muscle Building Exercises.
  • Attachment storage. Say goodbye to having your pulley attachments in a bin or laying on the floor. With four welded hooks in the center of the functional trainer, your attachments are just an arm’s reach away.
  • Peace of mind. The Functional Trainer is covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty. This guarantees that it will be free from defects in material, function and workmanship, so you can invest with total peace of mind.
  • Durable design. This machine was built to last. With 14-gauge steel rails, aluminum pulleys and rubber encased weight stacks, you’ll have the confidence that your functional trainer will hold up for years to come.


Aluminum Pulley

Aluminum pulleys

Aluminum has higher tensile strength and durability than plastic. This means a higher load capacity without worrying about the pulley collapsing.

Storage hooks

Storage hooks

Your gym is your sanctuary and keeping it tidy is key. With four storage hooks, you can neatly organize your cable attachments.

Rubber Encased Weights

Dual weight listings

Whether you record your lifts in kilos or pounds, you can forget about having to do mental math to know the exact amount you’re lifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Brian M.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Functional strength and helath

Super Functional Trainer!!

First off, Bells of Steel is a super company with a very solid product line. Their customer service is stellar, with quick communications and attentive responses. Product shipping is quick and tracking numbers are provided. After several purchases I can say this has always been my experience. My latest purchase was the functional trainer. Firstly, the shipping was quick. The FT comes in ten boxes and each box was carefully packed, well padded, strapped and taped. There wasn't a scratch or nick on any of the pieces. PERFECT! The weights for the selectorized weight stack were actually bagged individually, and were in a box within a box. They are perfectly cast, smooth as glass and come with quality 3M stickers to denote poundage. With the help of included assembly instructions and the video on the B of S site, assembly was quite easy. Takes approx. two hours. When assembled with bolts all tightened, the Functional Trainer is solid as a rock. The aluminum pulleys are silky smooth and the stack moves quietly on the guide rods. The pull up bar has options for several hand placements and is solid with a nice heavy non slip powder coat. The unit is compact, but is approx 5 feet wide and that allows for superior Cable Flyes compared to other narrower FT's. After decades of powerlifting and fitness training I can attest to the superior build quality of this unit. I really appreciate Bells Of Steel customer service ,their reasonably priced, well designed, quality equipment AND their CANADIAN presence!!!! The USA based fitness suppliers either don't ship to Canada or it's prohibitively expensive to do so. I have a gym in our winter home in the U.S., with equipment from all of the usual U.S. manufacturers/suppliers, and none of it is better than B of S. Overbuilt isn't automatically better! Thanks, and keep up the great work "BELLS OF STEEL"!


Bells of Steel

Hi Brian, Thank you so much for your in depth review of our functional trainer. We are delighted you have had a positive buying experience with us and that the FT has been up to snuff! We hope to continue to support you and other Canadians in their pursuit for well built, quality but affordable gym equipment ! All the best, Marcus & the BoS Team

Marvin J.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: To stay healthy

Very impressed.

I was looking for a good commercial functional trainer, and you all delivered. The assembly was simple, but was missing a few bolts. Once assembled and did a few reps I was like okay nice.


Bells of Steel

Thanks for the 5 Star Review Marvin! Great to hear that you are enjoying your functional trainer! Happy lifting! Brandon and the B.o.S. Team

A Bells of Steel Customer
Jamie P.

Great rig for the home gym

Just got mine and assembled it. So far we are loving it. Great rig and really appreciate the assembly video. My only feedback is that it would have been nice if the packages labelled the bolts :).

Bells of Steel Functional Trainer Review

Bells of Steel

Hey Jamie, Thank you for the review and the feedback. Enjoy all the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BoS crew

Jonathan W.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Dad bod muscle building

Functional Trainer review

Bought this functional trainer primarily because of the overall product weight. My home gym is on the second floor and this was one of the lightest I found. Obviously you can get a more heavy duty piece of equipment but for what this offered at price point and weight this is working out really well. Delivered in 10 boxes missing one box lost in transit. GREAT response from Bells of Steel. No questions, no “let’s look into this,” just shipped out missing pieces the next day. Easy to assemble on my own for the most part. May need a hand to hold something up to get a bolt in but straight forward assembly. Smooth operation which was the first thing I checked for. Would really like a bit taller product with one more upper pulley position and I’m 5’11”. If my gym was on first floor probably would have opted for heavier gauge product and 180 or 200lb weight stack if I wanted to spend another 1k but for my setup this is damn near perfect. Side note: open the hooks up a bit more to hang accessories. Have to hook them on with carabiners instead of just hanging them up on their own because the hooks are bent too far closed

Bells of Steel Functional Trainer Review
Canada Canada
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Staying fit, staying healthy.

BoS Functional Trainer-2 👍👍

I’ve had the FT for a few months now and it is an excellent addition to my home gym. The price point of the BoS FT is slightly less than what I could find doing internet searches and the quality is excellent. On the advice of my Coach, I spent the money and it has proven to be extremely handy with variations of traditional exercises. It’s very smooth and easy on your joints and I could argue if you could only afford one accessory for the home gym, this would be the one. It really is….functional. The footprint of the FT is 3 feet by 5 feet and it’s 81 inches tall, so it takes up very little room. I’ve read a number of reviews that have had issue with the instructions but if you watch the BoS YouTube how-to-assemble the FT video, it’s fairly straightforward. I would suggest that BoS offer some more accessories such as some type of tricep pull down attachment, those cloth ankle straps, and possibly a lat pull down bar (I use a 6 foot dowel between the 2 ankle straps as a pull down attachment). Bottom line, I love the Functional Trainer! I’m not an employee and have no affiliation with BoS.


Bells of Steel

Hey Garrett, Thank you for the review, We ae so happy you are loving the Functional Trainer. You got a good coach there! As for the cable accessories, I'll let product development know but we do have a few accessories available. Enjoy the gainz! Yours in strength, William & the BOS crew