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“I have ordered numerous times from Bells of Steel and am always impressed with the prompt delivery, quality and of course the prices!”
-Victoria, B.C
Linda Gilmour, Iron Bell Fitness & KB Training Centre
“Great quality and there is no way to beat the prices. You’d have to be crazy to shop anywhere else!”
-Seattle, W.A
David Wheeler, Wheeler Fitness
I absolutely love the Bells of Steel CrossFit equipment we’ve ordered so far for our Box! I started with one of their bars and noticed a huge difference with our Olympic lifts going from simple bushing bars to bearing bars. They are high quality and at a totally accessible price. SInce I have ordered three more bars and a 3 sets of Bumpers and my favourite toy to date, an econo prowler! Their equipment is high quality at reasonable prices and have the durability to hold up under the daily pounding equipment tends to take at a CrossFit Box.”
-Courtenay, B.C
Marc Mazzocchi, Titanium CrossFit
As a professional athlete I am always staying on top of emerging innovations for my training. Kaevon gets me the products normally not accessible in Canada, and I can stay on top of my game.
– Victoria, B.C.
Phil Mack, Canadian National Rugby Team, 7s and 15s
I’ve used and owned several brands of pro line bells, Bells of Steels Pro Line bells not only are just as good if not better as these other brands but cost much less. I have searched all over Canada for Pro Line bells and found these the same quality and for half the price. BOS prices destroy the competition and have 36kg plus weights. I am a Kettlebell Fitness and Girevoy Sport coach and competitor, BOS Pro Line bells are the best priced in Canada and hold up to the abuse I put them through. BoS prices can’t be beat!
– Edmonton, AB
Misty Shearer, Owner/Kettlebell Fitness & Sport Coach
As a personal trainer I am always looking for new, challenging ways to train both my clients and myself. One particular style of training that always intrigued me was strongman training. Unfortunately, the equipment for this style of training is very hard to find, that is till now.

Bells of Steel are a local company that specializes in hard to find training equipment. The price and quality of the products is second to none.

So, if you’re looking to spice up your training routine with strongman implements or odd objects, give Kaevon and the boys at Bells of Steel a call and take your training to a new level.
– Calgary, AB

Todd Fano, Front Row Centre Personal Training
Prepping for this Lacrosse season I wanted to get a serious edge. I came across Kaevon and was pumped to get my hands on all the goodies that I couldn’t find anywhere. My speed sled training has geared me up for smashing guys in the rink and the heavy duty sledge brought my grip to a whole new level.
– Calgary, AB
Dean Casey, Defenseman for the Rocky View Knights
I purchased the Pro-Grade Kettlebells from Kaevon a couple months ago and they’re great! They have a really well-balanced feel to them and my clients don’t have any discomfort during their training from smaller Kettlebells hitting their wrists. I would definitely recommend the Pro-Grade’s if you’re at all serious about Kettlebell training.
– Calgary, AB
Josh Diesel, Personal Trainer World Health

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