Strength Equipment

Strength Training Equipment

When you decide to buy weight training equipment, the decision can be overwhelming with seemingly endless choices. That’s why here at Bells of Steel, we supply a carefully curated strength training equipment line that focuses on core products that are essential for every gym. By doing so, we can maintain superb quality at reasonable prices, making us one of the most sought after and best value strength training equipment brands.



Flat Incline decline bench

Flat / Incline / Decline Bench

Adjustable Bench

High quality, heavy duty, and versatile bench. Effectively 3 benches in 1.

  • 7 different angles for incredible versatility
  • 2.5″ pad for supreme support
  • 1,000lbs capacity for unshakeable security

Mighty Grip Fat Flat Bench 2.1

Flat Bench

A heavy-duty flat bench with an extra-thick bench pad. Or select the optional Wide Load version that comes with an additional 36lb extra-wide and sticky bench pad.

  • Extra-thick 4″ pad for amazing support
  • Grippy vinyl to avoid slipping mid-set
  • 1,000lb capacity for peace of mind PRs
mighty grip fat flat bench
Wide Load Bench

Wide Load Bench Pad

For Mighty Grip Fat Flat Bench 2.1

The wide load bench pad is a 36lb extra-thick, wide, and sticky material pad and is compatible with the Bells of Steel flat bench.

  • 4,25″ thick pad for “Ahhh” comfort
  • Ultra-wide 14″ pad for serious stability
  • Extra-sticky for zero slip-n-slide action

Functional Gym Equipment

Build your home gym or commercial studio with our highly reviewed and essential equipment. Like adjustable benches, flat benches, and GHDs, that will save you money and get you STRONGER. But don’t take our word for it; check out our product pages to see reviews left by our customers about exactly what they love about our strength training equipment products!

Strength Training

Strength Training

Belt Squat Machine 2.0 With Belt

Quadriceps Etcher

The Belt Squat Machine helps to build your legs without loading your torso or spine.

  • Lever system for easy unrack & rerack
  • Extreme versatility for dozens of exercises
  • Loads from hips to spare your back
Belt Squat Machine 2.0 With Belt
Reverse Hammer 2.0

Reverse Hammer 2.0

Lumbar and Hammies Builder

The Reverse Hammer is two essential products for your home gym combined into one, at a fraction of the cost (and space) of when you buy those separately. The fusion of the Reverse Back Extension machine and Glute Ham Developer (GHD) is a Bells of Steel original design and was engineered in house.

  • Huge exercise versatility
  • Quality bearings for a buttery swing
  • 2-in-1 machine to save space

Functional Trainer

Versatility Juggernaut

A highly versatile machine for performing sport-specific exercises, rehab drills and bodybuilding training.

Functional Trainer features two 160lb weight stacks, two handles, four hooks for cable attachments, and a multi-grip pull-up bar.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Hundreds of exercise options
  • Robust alumninum pulleys
Viking Press Attachment

Viking Press Attachment

Shoulder Sculptor

Viking Press Attachment easily attaches to any 2″ Olympic bar to create a simple solution for training the Viking press, a popular strongman movement.

  • Multiple handles for shoulder training
  • Black powder coat for rust resistance
  • 2″ hole fits Olympic barbells

Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Adjustable Pull-Up Station

A highly adjustable mountable pull-up bar with a superior grip bare steel bar.

  • Dual bar placements for kipping pull-ups
  • Bare steel finish to reduce callous tears
  • 330lb weight capacity
Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar
Glute Ham Slider

Glute Ham Slider

Posterior Chain Developer

The perfect posterior chain pulverizer, the Glute Ham Slider allows you to tuck your heels or toes into to perform a multitude of hamstring blasting movement.

  • Black powder coat for rust resistance
  • Functions as wheeled ab-roller
  • Heavy-duty wheels for smooth sliding

Best of all, it all ships fast from Calgary across Canada.