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Cardio Machine Floor Mats


Protect your floor from potential damage with the Cardio Machine Floor Mats! Doubles as a portable workout mat.

FEATURES • 6mm thick • Multiple sizes • Lightweight design • Recycled rubber • Easy-to-clean • Textured surface • 1-year warranty





So lightweight and affordable, this mat will leave you floored.

The Cardio Machine Floor Mats are a no-brainer for protecting your flooring from heavy cardio equipment, and double as a portable workout mat.

Benefits of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats

    The thickness of these cardio machine floor mats is excellent for protecting your flooring from hefty cardio machines. With its 48″ x 36″ footprint, the smaller Bike Mat comfortably fits a Blitz Bike, Manual Treadmill or BikeErg. The Floor Mat covers a large 31.5″ x 98″ area, making it the perfect size for a Concept2 Rower. The rubber surface is texturized for better grip and with the combined weight of your machine, will make them stay put — because moving your rubber flooring after every workout is awfully tire-some.
    If your home gym exists in a room other than your garage or basement, then a portable mat can be a game changer. The ultralight 4-8lb weight makes these Cardio Machine Floor Mats a smart solution because you can just roll it out over your carpet or hardwood floor, conquer your workout, then roll ‘er back up and stow away. Plus, the fine rubber surface is easy-to-clean, which is exactly what you want when a soul-crushing workout leaves you shedding blood, sweat, and tears (of joy from a PR).
    One of the greatest benefits of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats is that they don’t break the bank. Their 6mm thickness obviously won’t offer as much shock absorption as a 3/4″ rubber mat, so barbell exercises aren’t recommended. However, bodyweight training totally doable — even some resistance training with light dumbbells and kettlebells can be A-OK. And it’s fine if you’re not looking to dish out a chunk of change for an entire roll of rubber flooring, ’cause this affordable workout mat just makes cents sense.

Specs - Cardio Machine Floor Mats

Bike Mat
Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 4.4lbs/2kg
Length 48"/1220mm
Width 36"/915mm
Thickness 0.24"/6mm
Warranty 1-Year
Floor Mat
Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 7.9lbs/3.58kg
Length 98.4"/2500mm
Width 31.5"/800mm
Thickness 0.24"/6mm
Warranty 1-Year

IMPORTANT: The Cardio Machine Floor Mats are suitable for cardio machines, bodyweight training and light resistance training. However, they are not recommended for shock absorption with loads over 100lbs due to their 6mm thickness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats?

    Here is the weight of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats:

    • Bike Mat = 4.4lbs/2kg weight
    • Floor Mat = 7.8lb/3.58kg weight
  • What are the dimensions of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats?

    The dimensions of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats are:

    Bike Mat

    • 48″/1220mm length
    • 36″/915mm width
    • 0.24″/6mm thickness

    Floor Mat

    • 98.4″/2500mm length
    • 31.5″/800mm width
    • 0.24″/6mm thickness
  • What is the material of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats?

    The material of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats is recycled rubber.

  • What are the shipping box dimensions of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats?

    The shipping box dimensions of the Cardio Machine Floor Mats are:

    Bike Mat

    • 4.4lb weight
    • 36.8″ length
    • 4.7″ width
    • 4.7″ height

    Floor Mat

    • 7.9lb weight
    • 32″ length
    • 7″ width
    • 7″ height
  • What is the warranty on the Cardio Machine Floor Mats?

    The Cardio Machine Floor Mats are covered under a 1-year warranty, which guarantees that they will not wear out under normal use and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.

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Graham L.

Rowing Machine Floor Mat

When I started to become re-acquainted with the kettlebell Turkish Get Up I quickly realized the two yoga mats I was using weren't going to cut it. I needed a mat that covered a larger area, was affordable and most importantly of all did not move around like the yoga mats did. I felt nervous about buying the rowing mat because I'm on a budget but I do a lot of exercising at home with kettlebells (Bells of Steel of course!) so I ordered one. I've had my mat for about a week now and I'm very pleased that I took the chance and bought it. It's comfortable to lie and walk on, it provides me with enough room to practice my TGU (I'm over 6' so need some length) and best of all it doesn't slip or move around! No more carpet burns, or annoying yoga mats! I like the thickness of the mat - I live in a small apartment so it helps keep things quiet. If you work out at home with kettlebells or other weights or just need a larger area to exercise I would recommend the rowing machine floor mat.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: 50K ultramarathon.

Bells of Steel

Hi Graham, Thank you for reviewing our cardio machine floor mats. We really appreciate the positive feedback and hope to serve you again soon! Sincerely, Marcus & the BoS team