bells of steel E-Coat Mighty Grip Iron Plates
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E-Coat Mighty Grip Iron Plates


Cast iron weight plates with a gorgeous, glossy black e-coat for ultra rust resistance.

Guaranteed weight tolerance of +/- 3% and a 51mm hole diameter for less “slop” on your bar.





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E-Coat Mighty Grip Weight Plates — ergonomic and highly rust-resistant.

Thought our original Mighty Grip Plates couldn’t get any better? Think again.

These e-coat cast iron plates have the same 3% guaranteed accuracy and 51mm center hole as our original Mighty Grip Weight Plates, but now with a glossy black e-coat.

Benefits of the E-Coat Mighty Grip Weight Plates

    If you know that a bare steel powerlifting bar would rust in your humid home gym, then do we have you covered. The thin electro-coating (e-coat) on our e-coat cast iron plates gives excellent rust resistance. So you can sweat  — or cry — on them between sets without worry.
    The precision grip handles make loading plates onto the bar and re-racking them a breeze, and they’re large enough for even huge hands. The comfort grip also allows the plates themselves to be used for exercises like steering wheels and farmers’ carries.
    Inferior plates have inconsistent center hole sizes, allowing them to rattle and shift around while you’re lifting. Not only is readjusting them after each set annoying, but they can also damage your barbell sleeves over time. Our e-coat cast iron plates are cast with a hole diameter of 51mm, resulting in less runaway plates.
    So, you’re not a huge fan of the gray hammertone colour on our original Mighty Grip Plates? No biggie. The all-black colour on these e-coat iron weight plates will upgrade your space by becoming the sleek centerpiece of your home gym.


BrandBells of Steel
Weight2.5 up to 45lbs
Plate DiameterVaries
Hole Diameter51mm/2.0"
MaterialCast Iron
Warranty5-Year Warranty

IMPORTANT: Although the coating on these e-coat plates is more durable and rust-resistant than a powder coat, it can still be scratched.

Outfitting your commercial gym?
Customized plates with your brand’s logo on them are available for bulk orders.
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Features and Benefits

Natural Texture

Originally made for the automotive industry, e-coating has become increasingly popular due to its great durability and excellent rust resistance. Although it’s applied in a thin layer, the smooth texture still allows the natural grit of the iron underneath to be felt.

Easy to Clean

Thought that glossy e-coat was just pretty to look at? Oh, silly you. Since the coating binds directly to the iron in a smooth layer, it has fewer grooves for chalk, sweat and bacteria to hide. One quick wipe and your plates are squeaky clean.

20% Thinner Width

Our 45-pound plates are only 1.2 inches (31mm) thick— about 20% thinner than the industry standard. Combined with our powerlifting bar, you’ll be able to add over 700 pounds to the bar in plates and still have plenty of room to spare on the sleeve.

40 Years of Experience

Our cast iron plates are forged in a specialty casting factory with over 40 years of experience, for reliable quality and workmanship that you can trust. If you’re looking for highly accurate plates, be sure to check out our E-Coat Machined Iron Weight Plates.

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