Canada’s Best Collection of Weight Plates

If you’re looking to buy weight plates online in Canada, then congratulations! You’ve come to the right place! Bells of Steel offers a diverse selection of the best weight plates on the market to meet the needs of any strength training athlete. No matter who you are or what barbell sport you call your own, we have weight plates for you!

No matter where you are in Canada, now you know where to buy the best weight plates online – Bells of Steel! We offer free shipping to 11-cities across Canada and reasonable shipping rates for everyone else.

Types of

B.o.S. Mighty Grip Weight Plates

The B.o.S. Mighty Grip Weight Plates are our most economical option. Designed to be used for any non-Olympic lift (like the bench press, squat, barbell rows, deadlifts, and so forth), these are the lowest cost-per-pound plate you can get your hands on.
Mighty Plates are cast iron plates with a hammertone finish; a finish that prevents rust and helps to make the plate more aesthetically pleasing. They feature large, ergonomic holes that not only ease the process of loading and unloading plates on the bar but makes them easier to carry around the gym. These large holes even allow them to be used alone for a multitude of different exercises like farmer’s carries, shrugs, and steering wheels.

B.o.S. Dead Bounce Bumper Plates

The Bells of Steel Dead Bounce Bumper Plates are our best-selling rubber Olympic bumper plates. These 100% virgin rubber, commercial-grade bumpers feature a stainless steel insert that cannot be dislodged from the rubber; thanks to a three-point anchor system. That’s right, the common issue of insert separation is no longer a concern with the B.o.S Dead Bounce Bumpers.

B.o.S Colour Competition Bumper Plates

For the competitive Olympic Weightlifter or aspiring CrossFit Games athlete, the B.o.S. Colour Competition Bumper Plates might be a better choice for you. Competition Bumpers follow the International Weightlifting Federation’s (IWF) coloring scheme, exhibit almost no bounce whatsoever, and they feature a large, extremely durable, two-piece steel hub. Competition plates will last forever!

StrongArm Sport Calibrated Powerlifting Discs

Finally, for the elite Powerlifter who refuses to question the accuracy of their plates and the total weight on the bar, Bells of Steel offers StrongArm Sport’s Calibrated Powerlifting Discs. These super-thin, solid steel plates could not be more accurate, as they are guaranteed to be within 10 grams of claimed weight! That’s an accuracy 0.1% on a 10 kg plate, and an unbelievably impressive accuracy of 0.04% on a 25 kg plate!
Available solely in kilogram sets, StrongArm Sport’s Calibrated plates follow the International Powerlifting Federation’s (IPF) coloring scheme, are available in 5 kilogram increments from 10 kilograms to 25 kilograms, and each set contains three pairs of change plates (1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, and 5 kg) for when it comes time to make smaller, more precise jumps in weight.
If the precision and outstanding aesthetics of these calibrated discs appeal to you, you’ll also be happy to know that Bells of Steel offers the absolute lowest prices on calibrated steel plates.

Bumper Plates vs Regular Steel Plates

So why choose the Dead Bounce Bumper Plates over our Mighty Plates? Well if your training includes either of the Olympic lifts, you need bumper plates. Bumper plates are designed to be dropped from an overhead and hip position thousands of times over with no risk of damage to your platform or the weights themselves.
You may also opt to purchase bumper plates over cast iron or steel plates even if you don’t Oly lift simply for the sake of noise reduction; to rid your gym of all the clanging and banging of iron. Whether you just want to keep the noise down from your deadlifts and barbell rows, or you have a tendency to drop the bar after a set of overhead presses rather than set it down in a more controlled manner, your family and neighbors will no doubt approve of your decision to go with rubber bumper plates over metal (and so will your floor).

Basic Bumper Plates vs Competition Plates

Both competition bumper plates and basic bumper plates will allow you to train the Olympic lifts without risk of damage to your floor (or the plates themselves), and both are going to offer a dead bounce with minimal noise. That said, competition bumper plates are more accurate than basic bumpers, they’re narrower; which makes them easier to pick up with one hand and easier to carry around the gym; and you can load more competition plates on the bar than you can basic bumpers. Basic bumpers will cost you less money per pound, though.

Mighty Grip Cast Iron vs Calibrated Steel

Both the Mighty Grip Cast Iron Plates and the StrongArm Sport Calibrated Steel plates are intended for powerlifting and general strength training. Neither of these plates are appropriate for the Olympic lifts; you’ll want bumper plates for those.
Cast iron is far more affordable and lacks the incredible accuracy of calibrated steel discs. Cast iron plates are also thicker, and all plates in the set are the same color whereas the Calibrated Discs are color-coded to IPF specifications. Novices will be fine with cast iron plates. Intermediate and advanced powerlifters will want to consider upgrading to a more accurate disc.