25lb plates

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25lb plates


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    • My Fitness Goal Is: Increase Strength
    • Bells of Steel Products Owned: FID bench, light commerical rack, 2,0 Power bar
    • Product Condition: Beat Up BoxesDamaged

    Regretful purchase

    I ended up buying the 335lb set as a part of a larger order (rack, bench, barbell) and am quite disappointed with the overall quality of these plates. The first thing I noticed upon unboxing the plates (most of the exterior of the boxes were damaged) was that the finish was chipping away on some of the weight plates, especially the 10lbs. I doubt this is because of shipping because I was easily able to chip away at the finish with just rubbing at it with my fingernail.The 25lb, 35lb and 45lb plates have very sharp metal edges sticking out right around the grip areas which completely defeats the purpose in having grips in the first place. I had to file away some of these edges with a metal file to make them safe to grab. Also, one major issue I noticed is the hole in the middle of the plates is wildly inconsistent. I was unable to put the two 25lb plates on any of my 3 barbells due to a large ridge that was formed inside the hole, so these are 100% useless to me now.It kind of sucks for Bells of Steel because their company name is imprinted on all of these plates. I guess now I will have to try and sell them to try and recover the money I lost by purchasing these.

    Bells of Steel

    I apologize for the inconvenience, we're always trying to improve our quality. On the plus side, we were able to refund you in full for all of your defective plates, as we stand behind our 30-day money back guarantee.

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