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Bench Hanger – Wall or Rack Mountable


Reclaim valuable floor space with the Bench Hanger!

FEATURES • Space-saving • 18″ width • 6.61lb weight • 16-inch hole spacing • Fits select B.o.S. benches • Black powder coat

Note: Does NOT come with mounting hardware.


In stock




Let your bench hang ten.

You also reclaim valuable floor space. It’s a win-win.

Benefits of the Bench Hanger

    Benches are great. They’re sturdy. They’re solid. They’re also total space hogs. Fact is, most home gyms are tight on floor space, so maximizing it is key for your workouts and your sanity… because nothing ruins it faster than moving your bench out of the way for the 12,841th time. But with a bench hanger, it’ll store neatly on the wall and out of the way. That means more room for your warm-up routine, bodyweight training, and conditioning workouts 😅
    If you’ve got a wall or a B.o.S power rack, good news: you can hang a bench! This bench hanger is lightweight 6.61 pounds, so you won’t be sweating buckets while mounting it. Plus, we thought ahead — the mounting holes are 16 inches apart to fit standard wall studs. And thanks to its durable 11-gauge steel and impressive 200-pound capacity, it’s rock-solid when bolted. The only thing more professional than its rounded edges and laser-cut logo will be your uncluttered floor ✨
    At Bells of Steel, we’re all about multi-purpose equipment and this piece of gym storage doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’ve got a trusty FID Weight Bench, Flat Utility Bench, or Adjustable Utility Bench, all of them fit like a glove.

Specs - Bench Hanger

Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 6.61lbs/3kg
Height 6.89"/175mm
Width 17.99"/457mm
Depth 3.93"/100mm
Hole Size 0.67"/17mm
Hole Spacing 15.98"/406mm
Max Weight Capacity 200lbs/90.72kg
Coating Black Powder Coat
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: We can’t guarantee compatibility with benches from other brands.