Residential Power Rack 4.1


The 4th  generation residential power rack. This perfect Power Rack complements your home gym, at an affordable price that doesn’t compromise quality.

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Camille L.
United States United States

Love it and it got here fast!

I just got my rack and I love it! The price was excellent and it shipped fast. I ordered a Titan rack and that order was canceled, that’s what brought me to Bells of Steel and I couldn’t be happier. I saved a good bit of $ and IMO went with a better company. I have some lever arms and adjustable pull up bar attachments coming in today, plan to use for leg press and many other exercises of course. I can’t wait to get my first workout in with all of it. I will be ordering a few more things and i am excited about that too!

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Be better than yesterday, everyday.
Bells of Steel Residential Power Rack 4.1 Review

Bells of Steel

Hi Camille, Thank you for the great review! It made our day here at B.o.S.❤. We strive to have high quality products that are priced right to make our customers happy! Thanks again for supporting us. Happy lifting! Irene and the B.o.S. Crew

Dzmitry K.

Excellent value, great quality

I am beyond impressed by the build quality of the residential rack, naked powerlifting bar, mighty grip weight plates, and loadable dumbells. I highly recommend BOS for all of your home gym needs. All of my emails were answered promptly. 10/10 will buy more equiptment soon.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength

Awesome Quality

Sturdy, heavy duty, and very reliable. I'm a large man, and I can do chin-ups without it wobbling or moving. The wide base really helps.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength
Dennis K.

Power rack

Looks well built easy t assemble

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Get into better shape

Great rack, near flawless for the price.

Background: Purchased in the gym builder along with the Lat pulldown/row attachment. The advantage of ordering from Bells of Steel was having a one stop place to order everything and saving on shipping, not to mention that products are priced competitively and a great deal compared to other places. Now that they have a location in Toronto pick up is even more advantageous to save on shipping (which I couldn't take advantage of) as well as presumably better shipping times. I ordered this as a pre-order and it arrived earlier than projected, though it still did take around 3 weeks to arrive with it being near the peak of the pandemic. Delivery was nice and easy as I received notice on when it would arrive as well as a phone call when it arrived. After that all it took was getting the driver to roll in the skid with the parts into my garage so I could take my time moving them into the house. My Experience: Overall after using this for around 5 months it has held up perfectly and is close to looking new save for a few small scratches, which is expected. The rack is perfect for lower ceilings as I have it in my basement where I just barely have clearance for the 84.5" model. Even without bolting to the floor it is quite sturdy and does not move much over time on the stall mats I bought (though once again, I have the lat pulldown attachment which adds some bulk and weight to the rack). When racking heavier weights (ie. 225+lbs) the rack will shake a bit if you rack your weights carelessly, but I probably wouldn't fear rocking the cage unless I lifted well over 300lbs (in which case you could either be more careful racking the weight, bolt it to the ground with the included bolts or opt for getting one of their lower gauge cages). The footprint itself is also compact without it feeling claustrophobic when squatting. There is plenty of space and any more space is largely unnecessary unless you want the luxury. I have mostly been using it for military press and bench press as well as a number of pulley exercises using the attachment. Built in plate storage is convenient as you do not have to shell out more for that, though I would have preferred for it to hold the plates vertically rather than horizontal (which can be easily solved by purchasing plate pegs). I think this is definitely in the sweet spot in terms of value as there are very few full cages cheaper than this one and of those that are they look to be less sturdy. It is very convenient to be able to do all my exercises in one spot. Accessories are also an advantage as bells of steel seems to be ever expanding their catalogue of accessories and the selection is well beyond what I would need at the moment. Disadvantages: On the flip side, although it seems like there is a lot of compatible accessories on the website, unfortunately due to the unique tubing size you are limited to accessories that bells of steel specifically makes for the most part. You lose some flexibility in this sense, but there are more than enough available here in my opinion. Another disadvantage is the bare steel pull up bar which began to rust fairly easily with sweaty hands. Spray painting it is a cheap and easy fix and has held up so far for me. There is also limited clearance if you military/shoulder press within the rack; I am 5'10" and there is just barely enough clearance for me to do this. If you are taller and want to do this you will have to look elsewhere. Trying to nitpick, the triple padded j cups also wear a bit over time and the bar is closer to scrapping against the screws than I would like now, but these can be easily replaced. My only real complaint would be the pin pipe safeties which I will go into below. Deciding which rack: I had a lot of difficulty deciding between this rack and the light commercial rack, but in retrospect I probably would have gotten the light commercial as it is only ~$200 more with sturdier lower gauge steel, built in strap safeties, larger footprint and extras like roller j-cups+sandwich j-cups and band pegs. My main point of contention was that I really didn't like the metal pin pipe safeties on this rack as they are really difficult to adjust, loud and both your bar and the pin pipe safeties will get damaged from banging against each other over time. I did end up getting the bells of steel Suspension Spotter Straps and Bodyweight System to use on top of the pin pipe safeties which work great (see pic) but I speculate are less convenient than the built in spotter straps on the light commercial rack. The only reason I'd recommend this over the light commercial would be is if you really did not care about the pin safeties and needed a smaller footprint in which case this is perfect. All in all, most of the disadvantages I've stated are nit picky and the advantages and conveniences that come with this cage (for my uses) far exceed the disadvantages. Having my own home gym has been an amazing experience.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Getting stronger, healthier and feeling better.
Bells of Steel Residential Power Rack 4.1 ReviewBells of Steel Residential Power Rack 4.1 Review

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

84.5" – Full Size, 72" – Short Size