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September 2023 Home Gym of the Month

September Home Gym of the Month winner:

Bryan Hong

The winner for September 2023 is Bryan Hong from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Why did you start your own home gym?

I really like being able to just go downstairs and start my workout, without all the commute and parking. With young children, it is also nice to be home and available if I am needed in a pinch.

September Home Gym of the Month 2

What are your current fitness goals?

Just for myself, I am focused on building muscles, but I am now also thinking about keeping fit for longevity and stamina to keep up with my kids as they grow.

What program are you following?

Push, Pull, Legs.

I typically try to get 2 sessions of each per week: one being a full hypertrophy-style weightlifting session, whereas the second is a bit of hypertrophy followed by some circuit-styled cardio utilizing movements from the specified muscle group. I gotta get my cardio in and this method keeps me engaged and interested enough to actually do it.

What BoS equipment do you own?

September Home Gym of the Month 3

What’s next on your wish list?

I really need storage implements for my bars and attachments…but what I WANT is more attachments! Looking at you, Seal Row Pad!

What is your favourite Fitness hack?

Splitting up training volume into multiple, shorter sessions throughout the week. Training most days of the week gives me a routine and makes it a habit, while shorter sessions make it easier to go and actually start training as I will never be staring down and dreading a 2 hour heavy leg day.

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Bells of Steel Canada Contact

Bells of Steel HQ
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Calgary, AB, T2C 5V2, Canada
Phone: 403-819-3917
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