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All Power Rack Attachments

Complete your B.o.S. rack with our series of functional attachments.

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Accessories for your Power Rack

  • Rack Lat Pulldown / Row Attachment - Light Commercial/Residential Power Rack

    Multi-functional Lat Pulldown and Row Attachment to give your back muscles some love.

    Fits the 84.5" Light Commercial Rack and 84.5" Residential Rack only.

  • Tall Rack Lat Pulldown / Row Attachment (for Brute and Utility Rack)

    Multi-functional Tall Lat Pulldown and Row Attachment to give your back muscles some love. Fits on our Utility Rack and Brute Rack with Extension only.

    FEATURES • 129.3kg...

  • Cable Crossover Power Rack Attachment

    Attaches to the front of your rack for all types of cable work from both top and bottom pulleys.

    Fits the 84.5" Light Commercial & Residential Rack, Brute Rack, and Utility Rack.

  • Cable Pulley

    Perform tricep pushdowns, lat pulldowns, low rows and more using this portable and inexpensive Cable Pulley.

    This cable pulley can be anchored to any rack or stand-alone pull-up bar.

  • Adjustable Pullup Bar Rack Attachment

    The Adjustable Pull-Up Bar easily connects your Lever Arms to add dozens of barbell-like exercises, or you can use it as a secondary pull-up bar.

    FEATURES • Quick-install...

  • Hanging Ab Straps

    Hanging ab straps make a great addition to your home gym.  Add the abs, without worrying about your grip.

  • Monolift Attachment - Adjustable

    The adjustable Monolift Attachment offers a space-saving and inexpensive monolift solution. UHMW plastic lined to preserve your barbell.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes only.

    Out of stock

  • Lever Arms - Adjustable - Pair - Power Rack Attachment

    The adjustable Lever Arms create a space-efficient solution to developing upper body explosive strength.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes only. Regular 2" collars will NOT fit.

  • Belt Squat / Lever Arms - Power Rack Attachment

    A compact, money-saving, multifunctional Belt Squat / Lever Arms Rack Attachment. Ideal for home gym owners who are tight on space and money.

    FEATURES • Compact squat sol...

  • J-Cups - Pair

    Our triple padded J-Cups will protect your bar from every angle for years to come.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes only.

  • Roller J-Cups - Pair

    Our exclusive Roller J-Cups allow for easy bar placement adjusting.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes only.

  • Nylon Sandwich J-Cups - Pair

    Our super strong Nylon Sandwich J-Cups will keep your bar in pristine condition.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes only.

  • Y Dip Bar Rack Attachment

    An easily adjustable, heavy-duty Y Dip Bar Rack Attachment.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes only.  Will fit all Bells of Steel Power Racks.

  • Landmine Power Rack Attachment

    Twist, row and press with this handy, compact Landmine Attachment.

    Designed for 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes.


  • Vertical Mount Barbell Holder - Single -Rack Attachment

    Save space and get even more use out of your power rack by attaching a Vertical Mount Barbell Holder on the front or back. Use this barbell holder to keep your gym tidy.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" ...

  • Spotter Arms Attachment - Pair

    Stay safe by attaching these heavy-duty Spotter Arms, or use as a secondary squat/bench station.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes only.

  • Landmine Power Rack Attachment

    Twist, row and press with this handy, compact Landmine Attachment.

    Designed for 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes.


  • Suspension Spotter Straps and Bodyweight System

    Quickly wrap the straps around any rack to add another level of protection. Includes a pair of handles for bodyweight exercises like push-ups, rows and dozens more.


  • Plate Pegs - Pair

    Keep your weight plates tidy and easy to grab with this inexpensive plate storage solution.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes only.

  • Split Squat Leg Roller Power Rack Attachment

    Make split squats more comfortable and easier to set up with this leg roller attachment.

    Fits 2.3" x 2.3" uprights with 5/8" holes only.

Warranty: Lifetime on structural welds and frame*

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Cody I.
United States United States

Great Buy!

I am very pleased with this purchase, I searched for awhile and ended up going with the light commercial rack home gym build with a lat pulldown extension. Everything came in surprisingly fast and came together with ease. Between the instructions and youtube assembly videos, assembly was a breeze. The one and only issue I came across (which isn't a huge concern), is when I went to put the FID bench together, the back cushion had a small hole in it. It doesn't hinder the performance of the equipment at all, just a small cosmetic issue (see attached picture). Other than that everything came in perfect. I would definitely recommend buying from this company.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Goal is to have a gym that is more readily available for me. It's tough taking care of a new born and work 60 min a week.
Bells of Steel All Power Rack Attachments ReviewBells of Steel All Power Rack Attachments Review

Bells of Steel

Hi Cody, Thanks for the review on the power rack attachment and FID bench! Please reach out to our for any defects. Our support hours are Monday – Friday 9-5 Eastern standard time. Please don't hesitant to reach out, we want to make sure you are fully satisfied! We are happy you are pleased with your purchases overall. Happy lifting! Thanks again for the review! Irene and the B.o.S. Crew

Sukh D.

Sloppy finishing

I really like the dip attachments and the flexibility with adjusting the grip width. I only have two complaints and they are in regards to the craftsmanship. First, I could hear some debris in the tubes and a lot of it fell out of the small openings in the joints without welds onto my floor as I unpacked the product. The debris looked like little metal balls, the size of grains of sand, so I'm assuming it was from the welding. I was able to shake out the rest and throw it away. My second complaint is in regards to the positioning of the holes for the screws that hold the attachment to the power rack. One hole is pretty much vertical, which I presume is how it's supposed to be, but the other whole is off center so the screw goes in at an angle. The screws still do their job and keep the attachment from sliding around, so I'm not concerned for my safety. I thought it was worth mentioning so these issues are addressed for future production.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strengthening and staying fit.
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Residential power rack
Bells of Steel All Power Rack Attachments Review

Bells of Steel

Thanks for taking the time to review and provide feedback. I apologize about the sandblast balls, these are used for cleaning the steel before painting and occasionally get stuck in the product. I will certainly have the screw problem addressed with our factory. Thanks again!

Mitchell S.

All I Have Tried Have Been Good

I've tried several of the rack attachments so far, and all of them were pretty good. 1. Lat Pulldown For Light Commercial 5.1 - Excellent design idea. The leg brace secures to the uprights with pins and has a nice pad that holds you down. The pulley system system seems to be a little on the cheaper side, but it worked just fine with about 70lbs on it when I was testing. I will say, don't make the mistake of loading one side heavier than the other. I did this accidentally and it bound up on me. This was just user error. 2. Lever Arms - Great idea, can be used to do belt squats if you attach a chain. Not something I'd buy if it were more expensive but since it's cheap I dig it. 3. Monolift Attachment - Of the 3 I've seen (Rogue, Titan, BOS) this one is by far the lightest and cheapest feeling. That said, they're still pretty good, and I wouldn't hand any qualms about using them. The counterweight is a little too light, but a couple magnets solves that. 4. Spotter arms - Decent. Not super heavy and strong, not super light and weak either. Overall just good.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Glute Loop
Chad C.

Power Rack Attachments

Graham at B.o.S. was awesome in helping find the exact power rack attachments I was looking for to add to my B.oS. Power Rack 5.0 - I highly recommend B.o.S. equipment to anyone looking for high quality gym items at an affordable price. I highly recommend and will buy from B.o.S. in the future

  • Product Condition: Perfect
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Power Rack 5.0, Cable Crossover - Light Commercial Power Rack, Rack Lat Pulldown / Row Attachment - Light Commercial Power, Canvas Safety Straps (pair) - Light Commercial Power Rack, j-cups (pair) - Residential Power Rack, Plate Pegs - Pair - Residential Rack (2 sets), Landmine Power Rack Attachment
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Bigger. Faster. Stronger.
Bells of Steel All Power Rack Attachments ReviewBells of Steel All Power Rack Attachments Review
James S.

Power rack 4.5

If you are reading this then you were probably like me scouring the interweb to death about the various racks to complete your home gym. You have probably looked at the cheap ones and said “nope” and most likely have looked at the Rogue racks and thought “holy s**t, that’s a lot of money for some steel”. Enter the BOS power rack. First off I was very impressed with the customer service. It is pretty rare these days to find knowledgeable, helpful people. Ryan answered all of my questions very quickly which made the descision to buy the rack that much easier. About the rack then. I have found it to be the best, most feature packed rack for the money. It was easy to assemble (ditch the tools that come with it and use your own) and the roller J cups are something you will wonder how you ever did without. They make things that much easier. I really hummed and hawed about the safety straps and I am glad I went with a rack that has them over the regular pins. Failing a lift means the bar falls on something with a bit of give and you can set the one side of the strap on the high side to be able to scoot from underneath while bench pressing. If you do not require the straps for a lift, just disconnect one side instead of having to remove the entire bar. Once you have a rack with straps, it will be hard to go back. The resistance band pegs are nice, but I use them for plate pegs and the fact that I can hang my bars between 2 of them on the upper portion of the rack. There has to be some drawbacks to every product so here are my (minor) dislikes. The rack is painted instead of powder coated. I realize that powder coating a rack adds cost, so if it meant saving $$ I would go with paint. The hitch pins that go on the end of the safety strap pins are a pain. I threw them out immediately and made some new ones out of cotter pins. Way better now. Some may not like the fact that you have to pull the safety strap pin to adjust the bracket up and down. I thought it would bother me before I bought the rack, but it literally takes under 45 seconds to adjust all 4. I am very happy I went with the BoS rack

  • Product Condition: Perfect
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Rack, bench, bar, lat attachment, mats, belt, knee sleeves
  • My Fitness Goal Is: 500lb deadlift by July
Bells of Steel All Power Rack Attachments ReviewBells of Steel All Power Rack Attachments ReviewBells of Steel All Power Rack Attachments Review

Bells of Steel

Wow what an awesome review, thank you so much for the kind words and I'm glad you love the rack!