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Spotter Arms Attachment – Hydra – Pair


Stay safe by attaching these heavy-duty Hydra Spotter Arms, or use them as a secondary squat/bench station. Durable design and lining protect your barbell from damage while protecting you.

Fits our Hydra power racks or other racks with true 3″ x 3″ uprights with 5/8″ holes.

FEATURES • Hard plastic lining • Inside and outside dual use • Black powder coat


In stock




Minimize your risks. Maximize your gainz.

Push your max lifts with confidence, knowing the only thing in danger is your ego (which could probably stand a bruisin’ there, pal).

Benefits of Hydra Spotter Arms

    Solo training at home is great. You get to choose the music, don’t have to wait for machines, and if you decide not to rerack your weights, that’s your business. The downside is impending doom if you fail a big lift or the unwillingness to push the limits for safety reasons. (Congrats, you’ve got a PR in responsibility). Now, you can shoot for that max lift with the confidence that if you fail, our loving arms are here to catch you. Awww.
    Pin pipe safeties and straps are great, but they’re designed for the inside of a power rack. If your small-yet-powerful home gym has a shallow rack and you need room to roam, fuhgeddaboudit! Spotter arms work on the inside and outside of most racks. Score! And they double as a secondary squat or bench station for supersets or partner workouts. Double score!
    Learning to bail safely? Sure. Taking advantage of those pins? Ok. We have no doubt you’ll walk away unscathed, but your barbell? Maybe not so much. Our spotter arms are lined in plastic to catch your bar with a touch of TLC, so the equipment you bought with your hard-earned money lasts a lifetime.


BrandBells of Steel
Usable Length23.5"/597mm
Machine CoatingBlack Powder Coat
LiningUHMW Plastic
Max Capacity (combined)1000lbs/455kg
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT : Fits our Hydra power racks or other racks with true 3″ x 3″ uprights with 5/8″ holes.

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Frank T.

4.5/5 Stars, So Close to 5

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. The spotter arms are a great addition to my rack and provide an extra level of safety and add versatility to my setup. The value is awesome; these cost less than I could find a used set of other spotter arms. The only reasons I did not give 5 stars are cosmetic and really minor gripes. I would purchase these again without hesitation. One other note, and just awareness as I never even thought about it. But to set them perfectly for me during bench press, I am using the lower part of the 1" (westside) spacing of my upright. This doesn't allow me to use the hitch pin to fully secure the arm because the lower hole of the arm lands just above a bottom hole where there is 2" spacing. Not a big deal, but just something to think about if you take advantage of the different spacing on your rack! Value: 5/5 Function: 5/5 Finish: 4/5 The good: - These things have a nice sturdy construction and heavy weight. - They fit my "other" 3x3 rack perfectly. My barbell rests nicely across the arms and doesn't roll freely in either direction. - They appear to have some improvements from the pictures on the site. There is another small piece of UHMW on the inside front lip of the arm. The "I wish it was better:" - There are some "blobs" of weld that are more than just weld spatter. Just a detail; but these probably could have been ground off before powder coating. - The external packaging was great, but the arms weren't very protected inside. There was some chipping of the powder coat right out of the box, likely due to banging into each other during transit. Always a bummer, I like to be the one to give my new products their chips 🙂

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Lift heavy stuff (subjectively), get stronger

Bells of Steel

Hi Frank, Thank you so much for the in depth review of our spotter arms. We love that you have been happy with them overall, and they have fit your needs well. We also appreciate your constructive criticism as they allows to improve and be better in the future. We are sorry about any gripes you may have come across with these arms, and always feel free to message us with any questions or concerns. We hope to serve you again in the future! Sincerely, Marcus & the BoS team

Trevor N.

Great spotter arms at an even better price

I've been on a Bells of Steel kick as of late, so this is my latest purchase and it's interesting to compare these spotter arms to previous BOS products. The Great: The steel is heavy gauge, the welds/joints are clean and robust, and the powder coat is very good with no chips or missed spots. The plastic lining on the arms is thick and will definitely hold up to years of catches while saving my barbell's knurling and finish. These may even be a better alternative to rack pipe pins for rack pulls, as the plastic pads will save my barbell's finish. The length is perfect, allowing me to use these arms within my 30" deep (internal) rack, or on the outside. I have a Rogue Monster Lite 3x3 rack (wish I had learned of BOS years ago before I shelled out for that), and these fit pretty well (more on that below). I also like the laser cut logos, gives the product a high end look. The packaging was great, little room for damage during shipping because they are boxed and wrapped well. Last but not least, the price! The value here is unmatched, so anything I note needing improvement is small in comparison with the good, and I hope will help the BOS team refine an already great product. Of note, the powder coating is much better on these spotter arms than on the Belt Squat Machine, Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown, and the Bumper Plate Weight Tree. The powder coating on the arms is smoother and has no missed spots or chips, whereas I found the coating on the other aforementioned items to be more rough and chipped / missing in some small spots. Perhaps the Hydra line has a higher level finish? The spotter arm's coating is still not quite as good as Rogue's, but definitely getting closer, and once you factor in the price... there is little contest... BOS for the win! Needs Improvement: One of the spotter arms fits my rack like a glove, with zero movement when in place. The second arm has a 2-3mm gap on the backside when attached (I checked various points of my rack, so it's the arms, not my rack). As a result, there is some up and down movement from that arm, and it's angled a bit downward. It's subtle and I can't imagine it will impact integrity for the weight I'm using, and I can slip a strap or wedge into the gap to mostly shore things up. But, it's a detail that takes a perfect 10 product down to an 8, as heavy weights may exaggerate the gap and angle, and sit off-balance (or roll due to the angle). Luckily, no more than 500 lbs will likely ever hit these arms, so I'm not too worried. Lastly, I have a Rogue dip attachment that utilizes a hitch / detent pin. I like the Rogue hitch pin better for two reasons: the BOS version has a removable ring clip thing that attaches to one side of the hitch pin to keep it from coming out of the rack. The Rogue version has a little ball bearing built-in on the end of the hitch pin instead of that removable clip, so it's just more convenient to slide on and off in a snap. Secondly and more minor, the plastic coating on the handle is better (softer, nicer looking, thicker) on the Rogue than it is on the BOS. Super nit picky, but I hope feedback is appreciated and will help you make things even better for the next production round. Rogue is probably already shaking in their cross-fit booties, so to iron out these nuances would leave prospective buyers with little choice as to who to choose.

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Longevity and aesthetics

Bells of Steel

Hi Trevor, Thank you so much for your in depth review of our hydra spotter arms. We really appreciate you taking the time to write this out, and we are certainly going to take note of the suggestions you've made. We do hope to serve you again. Yours in strength, Marcus & the BoS team