There is a great deal of stigma around supplements, people see the local meathead pounding his 4 litre jug of bright purple concoction, and think “I don’t want to look like that guy, supplements are not for me”. But what if I told you that supplements are not just for getting jacked? That they have a lot of benefits, even to endurance athletes like gireviks?

Your heart is pounding, fingers aching, you’re 7 minutes in and you feel like you’re going to collapse. High rep snatches, swings and cleans can obliterate your endurance during an intense workout. Let’s face it; fatigue is the number 1 factor that limits our GS training sessions.

The solution: 1. work your ass off to get better. 2. add these bad boys to your medicine cabinet and reap the rewards in training.

1. Beta alanine

Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid which aids in the increment of intramuscular carnosine concentrations. During moderate to high intensity training sessions, there is a rapid influx of hydrogen ions in your muscle tissue, leading to a drop in pH which leads to a drop in muscular performance. An increase in carnosine levels will bring down the hydrogen ion surge and hence, elevate or maintain muscle performance.