Looking to equip your home gym can be the most fun you’ve had in a while! When it comes to cost and convenience, make sure this gym is something you are going to get a lot of use out of. Home gyms are ideal for those will awkward schedules, and who have a little money to invest upfront rather than paying thousands over the course of months and years at a local gym where you have to share space! Here are our top 10 recommendations for a home gym. Accumulate all, one, or a combination of the most common home gym equipment!

1.Basic Rack

These are either 2 or 4 posts which will have an adjustable height for a barbell to rest. Use this for squats, overhead pressing, benching and more. A barbell rack is highly underrated in my opinion, for those who want to get strong from their home gym. All the great compound barbell movements require it. It also adds a level of safety, since they usually have safety bars for dropping a barbell!

2. Basic Bench with Incline Option

A simple bench for chest pressing and bent over rows, or an incline bench because it adds a variety of pressing options for chest and shoulder development.

3. Set of Kettlebells

This classic Russian training system is fantastic for overall, full body strength and conditioning. Once you start, you’ll notice how addictive the whole body workout is, and you may soon need heavier bells! These are an excellent choice to add variety without taking up a lot of space. Don’t forget kettlebells can be used as dumbbells and consequently for dozens of exercises!

4. Rowing Machine

Rowing Machines are my preferred “cardio” machine. They’re functional, not dull, and you can measure performance every time.

5. Basic Barbell Set

A barbell is a MUST for any strength gym. Moving barbells in your compound movements are the fastest, most efficient way to get stronger! A barbell set includes the bar itself as well as a set of plates. Choose from beginner to expert for the number of weight plates you will need. Barbells can cost in the range of $120-$1500 for the highest quality Olympic grade lifting bar. A basic bar is more than enough for any home gym. The weights you choose are dependant upon what you will be lifting. Therefore you’ll need enough to equip yourself for your heaviest deadlift. Note that steel plates don’t do well on a lot of floor coverings. Be sure to consider what will be protecting the two surfaces, be it rubber or synthetic mats, or rubber or plastic covered plates.

6. Set of Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a classic. The only issue is that you’ll need a whole set unless you can find adjustable sets. These cost the same, are a little more awkward and bulky but take up far less space. Training with dumbbells is an effective way of correcting bilateral imbalances and targeting smaller, deeper, core muscles.

7.Rubber Floor Mats

Protect your floor and your equipment by using Rubber Floor Mats. If you have a floor that is susceptible to damage, Floor mats are ideal because the not only protect your floor but soften the bounce when dropping weights.

8. Medicine Ball

We love med balls for strongman style training. Try a 1/2 km run with one of these bad boys in addition to your regular workout! It’s functional and how we like it for a home gym. They’re also perfect for working up to full body stamina, for movements like wall balls and slams.

9. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are way underrated! Think about banded barbell squats, banded bench press, and the lighter resistance bands used to reinforce and warm up rotator cuff, glutes, and other problem spots. First of all they can add a little challenge to any exercise and also scale down any exercise.

41 Mini Bands

10. Gymnastic Rings

Ideal for upper body work, Roman rings are the new big thing in fitness (Check out UFC star George St. Pierre training on gymnastic rings). Before trying anything fancy with them, use rings to train pull ups and dips for better chest, shoulder, and lat strength.

wood-gym-rings-3 home gym

Good luck setting up your home gym!