Strength Training Equipment

When you decide to buy weight training equipment, the decision can be overwhelming, with seemingly endless choices. That’s why here at Bells of Steel we supply a carefully curated strength training equipment line that focuses on core products that are essential for every gym. By doing so, we can maintain superb quality at reasonable prices, making us one of the most sought after and best value strength training equipment brands. 

Functional Gym Equipment

Build your home gym or commercial studio with our highly reviewed and essential equipment. Like adjustable benches, flat benches, and GHDs, that will save you money and get you STRONGER. But don’t take our word for it; check out our product pages to see reviews left by our customers about exactly what they love about our strength training equipment products!

Strength Training Equipment You Can Count On

Best of all, it all ships from Calgary, Alberta across Canada. No dealing with cross border surprises, high USD prices or any other headaches Canadians experience when ordering from our southern neighbours.

Instead, you get top-quality functional strength training equipment at an unbelievable price. Use your hard-earned cash to make your home gym budget go way further towards crafting your ultimate gym.