Strength Conditioning Equipment Canada

Strength conditioning equipment products are an excellent way for you to combine fitness equipment for weight loss and strength building. Unlike traditional cardio equipment, strength conditioning equipment will build more muscle, is space-efficient and is perfect for HIIT workouts.

If you’re in search of the best aerobic exercise equipment, our kettlebells provide you with an excellent, low impact fitness workout and are perfect for small spaces. You can also buy heavier bells for focusing on lower rep and more strength-building exercises.

Home Gym Cardio Equipment

Now, if you are looking for cardiovascular equipment, it just so happens we carry the best cardio machine you can buy. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your conditioning, or complete your WOD, our best selling Blitz Airbike is an excellent piece of home cardio equipment that will help you do all three. This piece of low impact fitness equipment will give you big burns and real gains!

Another customer favourite is our in-house designed sandbag. This product allows you to get even more exercises out of the same tool, with additional handles for swinging and pressing overhead. Since it is an oddly shaped object and the weight isn’t fixed, it engages all those little, often overlooked stabilizer muscles.

All of our strength conditioning equipment is stored and shipped quickly from Calgary, Alberta, to all over Canada.