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Bells of Steel makes a full line of squat racks, power racks that are designed for lifters by lifters. Trusted by 1000s of Canadians for our quality, reliability and value.

Squats Racks, Power Racks are the lifeblood of any home or studio gym because they allow you to squat and press… but it doesn’t end there. Our racks are loaded with custom design features you won’t find anywhere else. Multi-Grip Fat/Skinny Pull-Up Bars, Adjustable Dip Bars, closer cut pin holes are just a few of the reasons dollar for dollar B.o.S. Racks are the best money can buy.

We designed our racks to facilitate the needs of top athletes and heavy lifters while staying at a more affordable price point which means you get a piece of equipment you won’t soon outgrow. We also have a number of available add-ons including cable cross and lat pull down attachments, and rubber floor mats, 4 of which are an ideal base for any of our racks or stands.

Built with high-quality steel our racks are designed to withstand the barrage of work you throw them. Reinforced welds and thick gauge tubing make for a sturdier more durable piece of equipment you’ll be able to pass down to your kids. We stand by their functionality, and all of our racks carry a lifetime structural warranty.

racks at a glance
Squat Stands 2.0 Residential Power Rack 3.0 Folding Power Rack Wallmounted power Rack Commercial Squat Stand 2.0 Light commercial power rack 4.0 Commercial squat rack 4.0 The brute power rack
Squat Stand 2.0 Residential Power Rack 3.0 Folding Power Rack Wall Mounted Power Rack Commercial Squat Stand 2.0 Light Commercial Power Rack 4.0 Commercial Squat Rack 4.0 The Brute Power Rack 2.0
Price Pointing arrow $179 $335 $499 $549 $599 $649 $697 $1,899
Width (cm/in) Pointing arrow 59 cm
23 in
149 cm
59 in
Variable 122 cm
48 in
122 cm
48 in
119 (159) cm
47 (63) in
165 cm
65 in
173 cm
68 in
Depth (cm/in) Pointing arrow 53 cm
21 in
123 cm
49.5 in
99 cm
39 in
122 cm
48 in
183 cm
72 in
145 cm
57 in
176 cm
69 in
195 cm
77 in
Height (cm/in) Pointing arrow 91-158 cm
36-62 in
214 cm
84.5 in
226 cm
89 in
274 cm
108 in
246 cm
97 in
212 cm
83.5 in
204 cm
80.3 in
229 cm
90 in
Steel Gauge Pointing arrow 12 12 11 11 11 11 11 11
Tubing (in) Pointing arrow 2 x 3 in 2 x 2 in 3 x 3 in 3 x 3 in 2.4 x 2.4 in 2 x 3 in 3 x 3 in 3 x 3 in
Weight (kg/lb) Pointing arrow 20 kg
44 lb
65 kg
144 lb
70 kg
154 lb
Variable 82 kg
180 lb
110 kg
242 lb
146 kg
321 lb
216 kg
475 lb
Weight Capacity (kg/lb) Pointing arrow 180 kg
396 lb
318 kg
700 lb
227 kg
500 lb
454 kg
1000 lb
454 kg
1000 lb
450 kg
990 lb
400 kg
880 lb
544 kg
1200 lb
Plate Pegs Pointing arrow X 2 X Available 2 Available 6 10
Pull Up Bar Pointing arrow X Fat Skinny Multi Bare Steel Straight Straight Fat Skinny Straight Fat Skinny Multi Straight Dual and 2 fat
Spotter Arms Pointing arrow X Steel Available Available PVC Lined Canvas PVC Lined Canvas/PVC Lined
Band Pegs Pointing arrow X X X X 4 8 4 8
Dip Bars Pointing arrow X Available Available Available Tick Tick Available Tick
Available Accessories Pointing arrow X 4 9 9 X 5 7 X
Ideal For Pointing arrow Olympic Weightlifters / Those with very little space General weight training Kipping pull up / those with limitated training space people how do CrossFit / Small studios Commercial facilities kipping pull ups Powerlifters who need a feature rich rack An all in one rack and storage solution Collegiate facilities for team training and space efficiency


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