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Weight plates

are of course an absolute must of any gym. Bells of Steel offers a carefully curated range of plates to meet your training goals and budget to save you money and get you stronger.
Our dead bounce bumper plates are an excellent value, low bounce bumper plate with industry-leading warranty and design. Unlike the majority of bumper plates, our bumper plates have their insert ring moulded in, instead of pushed in afterwards.

If you’re looking for a more colourful, even lower bounce plate that will emulate what you get in a competition, our colour competition bumper plates are a perfect fit at an unreal price.

Speaking of competition, are you a powerlifter that needs precision down to the very gram? Then get the Strongarm Calibrated weight plates. As the only company in Canada with a government of Canada certified accuracy weight plate.

Or kick it old school and economy with classic cast iron plates. An original design by Bells of Steel founder Kaevon Khoozani.

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