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Xebex Ski Erg


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Xebex Skierg is a total body conditioning solution. Allows you to train year round in the discipline of Nordic Skiing, long recognized as one of the most grueling sports on earth.

Now hugely popular within Crossfit and HIIT communities, these versatile machines can be used for a variety of exercises that will see your cardio and condition improve drastically.

Available on backorder

Why Buy the Xebex Skierg?

The Xebex Skierg allows you to access the benefits of Nordic Skiing year round. An industry secret for developing strength and endurance athletes, nordic ski ergs target legs, arms and core.

Incorporating the same flywheel technology seen on air bikes and rowing machines, resistance levels are managed by the user so the harder you push, the higher the level of resistance. The Xebex Skierg comes complete with advanced technology monitoring system that will track output based on calories, time, watts and resistance level and can also be set up for custom intervals.

Skierg’s are the ultimate machine for seasoned cross country skiers looking to stay in shape and improve poling and power throughout the summer months. Nordic ski machines have also gained huge popularity within Crossfit and HIIT communities because of the enormous amount of total body functional work that can be done with them.

Take your conditioning to the next level with the Xebex Skierg Nordic Training Machine.

Free Standing or Wall Mount

Can be mounted to the wall to save space or used with the floor stand (available add on) which allows the skierg to be moved around the room on rollers.

Ergonomic Free Pull Handles

Perfectly sized and shaped hand grips make for easy pulls and non-slip grips ensure you don’t drop the handle.

Flywheel Technology

The Xebex Skierg responds to the effort you put in. As you push harder more air is forced through the fan and resistance levels go up. A spiral dampener allows you to changes the level and feel of the resistance.

Warranty Approved Durable Construction

Beefy parts and double welds were added in common breakdown areas. Your Xebex Skierg will last longer and withstand more abuse than ever.

Total Solutions Monitor System

Tracks distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and watts. Fully Customizable intervals, programs and games. Multi language compatible. Illuminated screen and Bluetooth allow you to track with heart monitors as well read data through your smart phone.



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