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Air Bike By Xebex

$ 1,099

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Backed by 30+ years experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing traditional cardio equipment, Xebex Air Bikes are undoubtedly the best fan bike you can buy.

In stock


The Xebex Air Bike is guaranteed the best built Air Bike you can buy, backed by 30 years of engineering experience.

Airbike’s are arguably the best total body conditioning you can do. Supercharge your training with this meticulously crafted machine.

The top 3 things that sets Xebex bikes apart from it’s competitors:

The universal ball joint used in the arm attachment
This may seem like techno talk, but the number one breakdown in other AirBikes is this. Other AirBikes use a standard bushing on the arm connector. Because of the nature of the intense exercise, when doing an airbike workout the arms not only move front and back, there is some side to side movement. The universal ball joint allows for this “play” and does not create a rigid connection prone to breaking.

It has higher quality and beefier parts
A tremendous amount of abuse is inflicted on a fan bike in an intense workout, we counteracted this by beefing up the parts.

The arms are heavier
Using a heavier arm attachment makes for a more intense workout and helps to even out the exertion of your upper and lower extremities.

How does it compare to other Air Bikes?
The Xebex Air Bike features increased durability by using higher quality parts throughout the frame. The frame weighs more than comparable models which leads to more stability and also uses longer-lasting moving parts. We’ve also included full-contact foot rests and a water bottle holder that bolts onto the frame.

The Console
The Xebex Air Bike comes everything you’re accustomed to and more! Start pedaling and the console immediately tracks Distance, Time, Speed, Calories, Watts, and Heart Rate. The console also allows for switching between units of measurement: Meters or Miles as well as measures Calories in the hundredths of units so you know your exact progress. We’ve also included the ability to SET distance, calories, or time as well as pre-set interval programs. The console measures distance, watts, speed, and calories with a near identical formula to what was used in the 2015 Reebok Crossfit Games.

Transportation and Storage
The Xebex Air Bike comes with 2 wheels located at the front of the frame. Simply tilt the bike and roll out of the way for storage.

Still need convincing? Then check out this excellent independent review! 

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New Features

  • Pegs instead of foot plate
    Easy to install foot pegs.
  • Handle
    A thinner handle with rubberized grip for increased durability.
  • Updated adjustable knob for vertical seat post
    Black instead of red and better quality knob.
  • Arm handle range of motion made larger and adjustable
    larger range of motion on handlebars, can adjust by shortening or lengthening the universal joint screw
Base Frame
Steel Frame 104lb
Fan Heavy Duty 2′ Resistance Fan
Bottom Bracket Sealed Cartridge
Tracks distance, speed, pace,calories burned, watts (goes over 999), and HR
Programmable Interval Functions Work, Rest programs
Set Distance time tracking
Distance tracked in the thousandths
Padded Handle Bars
Adjustable Seat 4 ways
Full Surface Foot Rests
xtra padding on seat
Net Weight 104lbs
Shipping Weight 115lbs
Dimensions 39″ x 21″ x 50″
Warranty 5 year frame, 2 year parts

Additional information

Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 13 in
4 Review(s)

JV 04/17/2017 Verified buyer

Air Bike

I have owned this bike for over a year. I run intervals on them once a week. Well built and very sturdy. The handles on the bike respond immediately without the annoying click of the competitor models. Highly recommend this bike. There was a slight hiccup on delivery, but BoS had the bike dropped off immediately to fix the issue.


Ben 01/25/2017 Verified buyer

Top Quality

This bike is well built from top to bottom. Everything said in the product description is true and the design benefits can be felt as soon as you get on the bike. I am extremely pleased to have purchased this air bike over the other leading competitors. It was very easy to set-up and has become my go to conditioning machine. Only thing that could be updated is the monitor. The monitor still dos everything you could need it to do, just that the display could be re-designed (and maybe given a backlight).


Ryan 11/01/2016

Like most, it's a Love/Hate relationship...

The bike is fantastic. I've been putting in at least 75 km/week on the thing and you can work yourself right into the ground with interval training in short order. It's tough - I'm 6'5" and 250 lbs and it takes my best and laughs at me in the process. A couple of minor squeaks were fixed with WD-40, but other than that it's been great. The computer is a bit rudimentary but does what I need it to. A "time to complete" would be a nice feature on the display, but that's nitpicking. All in all, a great product.


Charlie 01/13/2016 Verified buyer

Great airbike

The bike was very easy to build. High quality materials. No looseness while in use. Very pleased with the machine and the purchase.



when will the xebex air bike be back in stock?

Bells of Steel's Response:

Bikes should be back in stock and available within the next week or so!


Jamie Goldring08/05/2017

Hi there, just curious if there are any promotions or deals on the Xebex Air bike now or in the near future? I\'m looking to buy this or the Assault Air Bike, and I\'ve seen really good deals on the Xebex in the past!

Bells of Steel's Response:

We are bringing in a new Xebex with a similar build as the Assault but will be offering it at a cheaper price. Keep your eyes peeled on our site!


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