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Titan Toro Single Prong Belt

Titan Toro Single Prong Belt

$ 119

TEXAS STAR SINGLE PRONG – High strength alloy construction, finished and mirror chromed with an embossed Texas Star.

Titan Toro Powerlifting Belt

The Titan Toro belt is an excellent beginner to advanced belt. The Toro complies to all of the IPF standards and is approved in all federations, so you don’t need to worry about not passing gear check. This belt comes in at 10mm in thickness and is made of a high-quality suede and leather, but don’t let that thickness fool you. Titan has designed the Toro to be a much more forgiving belt than the Longhorn or Brahma; this belt feels broken in the first time you wear it, so you don’t need to worry about the long and sometimes painful process of breaking in your new belt. Made in Texas USA, the Toro has fantastic craftsmanship and comes with a 1-year warranty that Titan will proudly stand behind.
Titan is globally known to have some of the highest quality belts around, worn by many world-class lifters like Blaine Sumner, Yury Belkin, and Bryce Krawczyk to name a few. The Toro is Titans entry-level belt, giving you a high quality, North American leather belt that will fit comfortably right out of the box!
If you have been Powerlifting or strength training for a while, you’ve seen lifters wearing Power Belts. What’s the difference from your traditional bodybuilding belt? Conventional bodybuilding belts will have a significant taper from the back down to the front, only giving you a small amount of material in the front of your core. Power Belts are the same width throughout the entire wearable area of the belt, giving you consistent coverage three-hundred and sixty degrees around your entire core. This gives you some consistent material throughout your to push out against, engaging your core to its fullest potential and keeping your back stable and supported during those monster lifts by maximizing intra-abdominal pressure. Contrary to popular belief, using a belt will increase core activation substantially and teach you how to brace correctly so that when your training without it you will know what muscles to engage.
Smashing those big weights can be stressful on your spine, and with proper use, a Power Belt can significantly alleviate a lot of that pressure. By correctly using the belt and increasing intra-abdominal pressure you will feel tremendously more stable and strong, it’s not uncommon to hear of lifters adding fifteen to twenty pounds to their lifts by just correctly using a belt!

So now that you know the significant benefits of using a lifting belt let’s take a look at the most common belt styles. You will generally see Single Prong, Double Prong, and Lever belts.

Does your weight fluctuate a lot? Do you like training in hoodies and then taking it off mid-workout to reveal your gnarly pump? Do you not like screwdrivers? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, a prong belt might be the way to go. The most straightforward belt to adjust, you just need to pull the belt as tight as you desire instead of unscrewing and moving your lever to adjust the tightness. Now you’re faced with Single vs. Double prong. Double prong belts are said to spread the stress of use more evenly throughout the belt and help prevent any damage to your belt; however, it’s twice as many prongs to tighten your belt, and twice as many to get off after that big squat PR has you all light headed. Single Prongs are going to be much faster and easier to put on and take off, they are the easiest to adjust, and the durability of your belt should stand up fine with just one prong.

Are you consistently the same bodyweight? Are you always prepared? Do you have an itching desire to remove your belt with one single loud flick after a set, turning everyone’s heads with jealousy?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then a lever might be your best option. A lever belt is attached on to your belt with screws and stays in the same place unless the screws are moved to adjust it. Once you found a tightness that you like, you can achieve said tightness the same time again and again by merely closing the lever. To remove the belt only takes seconds, flick the lever off to loosen and then un-clip the sides of the belt, and you’ve got it off. The main downside of a lever belt is that should you wish to adjust, you will need a screwdriver. However, you can find small screwdrivers for only a few dollars at most dollar stores, and they can be left in your gym bag, so you have it when you need it.
Prong vs. Lever has been a debate between powerlifters since the dawn of man. What side will you stand on?
]So don’t wait any longer, get your Titan Toro Today!

TEXAS BELTS – A Tradition of Manufacturing the Finest Quality Powerlifting Belts.

CRAFTSMANSHIP WARRANTY- One Year on entire belt, including lever.

LEATHER– features North American sole bend leather and suedes.

4”x 4” Width (10 cm x 10cm)

10 mm Thickness

IPF Approved

Made in USA by Titan Support Systems, world leader in Powerlifting Performance since 1981


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 0.5 in

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