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Super Yoke – By B.o.S.

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Carry, squat and press your way strength and thickness with the B.o.S. super yoke.

Plate Pegs - Pair

An inexpensive plate storage solution

Available on backorder

Spotter Arms Attachment - Pair

Stay alert and stay safe by attaching these heavy-duty spotter arms to the outside of your rack when you want a secondary squat/bench station.

22 in stock

Monolift Attachment - Adjustable - By B.o.S.

The adjustable monolift attachment offers a space-saving and inexpensive monolift solution. Lined with UHMW plastic it'll do minimal damage to your bar.

3 in stock

Y Dip Attachment

A heavy duty easily removable Y dip attachment.

85 in stock

Landmine Power Rack Attachment

Twist, row and press with this handy, compact landmine attachment.

154 in stock

Split Squat Leg Roller Power Rack Attachment

This compact attachment allows you to primarily do Bulgarian split squats. It's compatible with all B.o.S. racks, yokes and squat stands. 

11 in stock

Lever Arms - Adjustable - Pair - Power Rack Attachment

The adjustable levers create a space-efficient solution to developing upper body explosive strength. Utilize the lever arms together or unilaterally for a variety of exercises, rows, presses, even use them for squats.

12 in stock

Pulley Attachment by B.o.S.

A portable and inexpensive solution for doing pulley based exercises that can be anchored to racks or stand-alone pull up bars.

25 in stock

Vertical Mount Barbell Holder - Single -Rack Attachment

Save space and get even more use out of your power rack by attaching a vertical mount barbell holder on the front or back.

184 in stock

Roller J-Cups - Pair

Our exclusive roller jcups allow for easy bar placement adjusting and fit racks with 5/8″ holes and 2.3×2.3″ tubing.

58 in stock

Nylon Sandwich J-Cups - Pair

Super strong UHMW sandwich jcups.

66 in stock

J-Cups - Pair

Our new triple padded jcups will protect your bar from every angle for years to come.

70 in stock

21 in stock

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Cody F.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Get stronger
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Super yoke
  • Product Condition: Perfect
Super Yoke

Easy to set up, fantastic to use

Bells of Steel

Hello Cody, Thanks for the 5-star review. We are glad to know that you are happy with the Super Yoke. Again, thanks for the review. Have a great day!

Raygan W.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Capable of anything
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Multiple kettlebells, Oly Bar, Bumpers, Plyo Box, Strength Bands
  • Product Condition: Perfect
Great Piece of Equipment

Great yoke especially for the price. The thick bar feels great on the traps, just make sure you really pull the yoke around yourself or it will slide off. Very easy to adjust the height for sled pushes. Works surprisingly well for sled pushes as well.

Bells of Steel

Hello Raygan, Thanks for the 5-star review. We are glad to know that you are enjoying the sled. Again, thanks for the awesome review. Have a great day!

Mike M.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Getting strong
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Super yoke, nylon sandwich j cups, safety spotter arms and BOS flag
  • Product Condition: Beat Up Boxes
Super yoke!

Excellent yoke and it doubles perfectly as a rack. The safety spotter arms fit perfect as do the j cups. I couldn't be happier. The shipping time was less then 2 weeks and that was right on black Friday. These guys are great. I will be buying all my equipment from bells of steel from now on.

Mike Murray verified customer review of Super Yoke - By B.o.S.
Bells of Steel

Hey Mike, Thank you for the great review. We are glad to know that you are enjoying the Yoke. Again, thanks for the amazing review. Let the gainz begin!

Alex F.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Get Strong AF
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Super Yoke, Commercial Squat Rack, Strongman Log, 200lb sandbag
  • Product Condition: Perfect
Rock solid yoke

Great piece of equipment, feels extremely sturdy and you really can't beat that price. Incredible!

Bells of Steel

Looking, STRONG Alex! I've not seen many people do a zercher carry with a yoke, great for training Conan's wheel!

The best strongman yoke in  Canada!

A top of the line strongman featuring a fully adjustable, extra thick cross piece and reinforced stress points. All of which helps to prevent bending, twisting, and shaking during as you carry up to 700lbs across your back. The equal distribution of four weight pegs makes the super yoke well balanced. 

Our strongman yoke can transform into multiple tools allowing for more exercises per square foot in your gym space. 

Exercises you can do with the strongman yoke

  • Strongman yoke training – classic yoke set up to be carried across the back, overhead or in a Zercher. 
  • Yoke squat rack – add any of our three different jcup models and spotter arms to create a squat stand with safety arms
  • Yoke push/pull sled – for an intense glute/hamstring workout, you can transform your yoke into a sled fr pushing and pulling movements. Just lower the extra thick cross piece to the appropriate height, add some plates and push the yoke, and the built-in skiis allow for a smooth movement. 
  • Yoke bench press – There is 2” hole spacing at the bottom and top and 1” through the middle that will help you fine-tune your positioning on your bench press for maximal performance. 
  • Yoke weight over the bar – raise the cross piece to 72,” and you have an excellent weight over bar implement using our B.o.S. sandbags
  • Yoke Pull up station – raise the crosspiece and train your grip strength with super fat bar pull-ups. 

What are the benefits of strongman yoke training?

  • Increase time under tension 
  • Build core muscles
  • Above max squat overload training
  • Intense nervous system stimulus
  • Excellent for mental toughness training
  • Balance improvement
  • Body awareness

What is a Super yoke?

The first Yoke seen in Strongman was in the 1977 World’s Strongest Man, where a crude, injury-inducing contraption called the fridge carry was used as an event. 

Since then, it has become a staple at both high-level events like the world’s strongest man and local amateur competitions. 

It is one of the most challenging full-body exercises you can do!


  • Black powder coat paint.

  • 700lbs warrantied weight capacity.

  • Assembled Dimensions 50.5 L x 50 W x 91 H inches 132lbs.

  • 2.3 x 2.3 ” 12 gauge Tubing and 5/8″ holes.

  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 88.5 x 12.5 x 6 inches 136.4lbs.

  • Jcups not included.

  • Extra close 5/8” holes with 1″spacing through the bench & pull zone, 2” spacing above and below.

An extra thick cross piece and reinforced weak points help to prevent bending, twisting and shaking.

Superior 1” spacing through the bench and pull zone, and 2” spacing above and below allow you to select the perfect height for your jcups, for precision lift offs that can make the difference between a good rep and a superb rep.

A large selection of accessories are available to add versatility and excitement to your workouts, such as lever arms and/or a monolift.

Power Rack attachments in action.

Landmine Power Rack Attachment

Y-Dip Power Rack Attachment

Power Rack Lever Arms Attachment

Monolift Attachment

Belt Squat Rack Attachment

Additional information

Weight 136.4 lbs
Dimensions 88.6 × 12.6 × 5.7 in

Plate Pegs - Pair

Weight 6.6 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5.51 × 4.72 in

Spotter Arms Attachment - Pair

Weight 26.4 lbs
Dimensions 27.6 × 11.8 × 5.1 in

Monolift Attachment - Adjustable - By B.o.S.

Weight 26.4 lbs
Dimensions 20.5 × 18.1 × 3 in

Y Dip Attachment

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 8 in

Landmine Power Rack Attachment

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 × 5.91 × 4.33 in

Split Squat Leg Roller Power Rack Attachment

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 4 in

Lever Arms - Adjustable - Pair - Power Rack Attachment

Weight 50.6 lbs
Dimensions 40.6 × 10.4 × 4.9 in

Pulley Attachment by B.o.S.

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

Vertical Mount Barbell Holder - Single -Rack Attachment

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5.51 × 4 in

Roller J-Cups - Pair

Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in

Nylon Sandwich J-Cups - Pair

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10.6 × 7.48 × 6.3 in

J-Cups - Pair

Weight 5.72 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 × 5.91 × 4.33 in