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Safety Squat Bar 2.0 – 700lb Capacity – By B.o.S.

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Safety Squat Bar 2.0 – 700lb Capacity – By B.o.S.

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The Safety Squat Bar has been used very successfully over the past ten years for training athletes with limited shoulder, wrist and elbow mobility as well as improving your posterior chain.

Available on backorder

Safety Squat Bar 2.0 model comes with a beefy 700lb weight capacity, striking rust-resistant black zinc finish with bright zinc sleeves and weighs in at a cool 21.15kg.

So you’ve been smashing your squats, hitting PRs and making those gains you’ve been chasing – but, some days getting under that stiff bar is tight and bugging your elbows. Or maybe you’ve noticed some issues with your squat form falling forward too much and you’d like to improve. Or perhaps you are suffering from a shoulder injury and still want to be able to squat.

Then the Safety Squat Bar is a fantastic option for you.
The Safety Squat Bar is the perfect accessory or supplemental movement for the barbell squat. There is a reason The Safety Squat Bar is a staple for the likes of Brian Shaw Louie Simmons and many more.

Because of the neck pads and handles on the front of the bar, you’re able to squat without having the weight of the bar dig into your wrists and elbows, nor will you require the shoulder mobility to keep your hands on a regular straight bar.

If your squat is a bit too bent over the Safety Squat Bar is foreign enough of a movement to build up areas where the barbell squat might not train while staying in the same movement pattern. The sleeves are made at an angle so the weights will be more in front of you, training you to stay more upright, and tight. The Safety Squat Bar has been strategically designed to strengthen your posterior chain due to the weights being in their unique position and will develop your glutes and lower back that will help improve your deadlift as well as your squat.

And let’s be honest, this bar looks awesome!
So not only will you give those wrists and elbows a break and build great strength in your posterior chain, you’ll look super cool while doing it.

Here is a list of some of the most popular movements you can do with the safety squat bar:

  • Chain Suspended Good Mornings

  • Safety Squat Bar Box Squats

  • Zercher Squats

  • Backwards Bar Safety Squat Bar Box Squats

  • Shrugs

  • Glute-Ham Raises

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Weight21.15 kg
Dimensions3 × 16 × 75 in

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