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Safety Squat Bar 2.0 – 700lb Capacity – By B.o.S.

/, Equipment for Crossfit, Powerlifting/Safety Squat Bar 2.0 – 700lb Capacity – By B.o.S.

Safety Squat Bar 2.0 – 700lb Capacity – By B.o.S.


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The Safety Squat Bar has been used very successfully over the past ten years for training athletes with limited shoulder, wrist and elbow mobility as well as improving your posterior chain.

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Mitchell Smith
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Glute Loop

Horribly Uncomfortable, Might Be Good If You Are Very Broad Shouldered

I've used several different B.O.S. products at this point and this bar is by far my least favorite. I'll preface this by saying that if you are someone with very wide shoulders, this bar might be ok, but for me, it's awful. My shoulder measurement for a suit is 42", which is pretty standard for a man. Not overly broad, not particularly narrow. I find that instead of riding on my traps, the handles on this bar ride just exactly at the outer end of my clavicle which is horribly uncomfortable even with no weight on it. Lastly, the pads are quite small and thin when compared to something like an EliteFTS SS Yoke, or the Titan Knockoff. Brandon Campbell agrees with me. Now I don't want to be all negative because there are some positives to the bar. Namely, the sleeve is standard olympic diameter and it rotates. This is quite convenient because with many other SSB's you have to use special collars to keep the plates on because they use a smaller diameter sleeve. Also, typically the sleeves don't rotate on SSB's. My advice would be like Titan Fitness just this one time and utilize that type of pad design, but keep the current sleeves because they're good.

Demi C.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: SSB
  • Product Condition: Perfect


the bar works great, shipping was quick, and customer service was awesome. only one downfall I can say is the shoulder bars are quite far apart on myself, so will need to buy bigger pads, otherwise its splendid!

Bells of Steel

Glad to hear Demi, I'll add the padding thickness to our idea list!

Lou S.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Train
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: SSB
  • Product Condition: Perfect


I love this bar! But, as a fitness trainer, I have many petite women that the width of the handles is to wide for... The handles sit to wide on their shoulders and is uncomfortable... Love the design and weight of it (I have others that are just to heavy as a starting weight for some clients)

Bells of Steel

Thank you Lou. We have heard this before so I will continue to pass this information off to my boss and see what we can do!

Jeremy T.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Be stronger than yesterday
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: SSB
  • Product Condition: Beat Up Boxes

Worth every penny.

Bar is absolutely worth every penny.

Bells of Steel

Thanks a ton Jeremy, we appreciate it!

Nathan Donahue
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength and conditioning
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Safety Squat Bar
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Safety Squat Bar

I have this in my home gym. It is very comfortable and solid.

Bells of Steel

Thanks Nathan, we have done some improvements to the SSB over the years and it only continues to get better and better.

The Safety Squat Bar 2.0 model comes with a beefy 700lb weight capacity, striking rust-resistant black zinc finish with bright zinc sleeves and weighs in at a cool 21.15kg.

So you’ve been smashing your squats, hitting PRs and making those gains you’ve been chasing – but, some days getting under that stiff bar is tight and bugging your elbows. Or maybe you’ve noticed some issues with your squat form falling forward too much and you’d like to improve. Or perhaps you are suffering from a shoulder injury and still want to be able to squat.

Then the Safety Squat Bar is a fantastic option for you.
The Safety Squat Bar is the perfect accessory or supplemental movement for the barbell squat. There is a reason The Safety Squat Bar is a staple for powerlifting champions.

Because of the neck pads and handles on the front of the bar, you’re able to squat without having the weight of the bar dig into your wrists and elbows, nor will you require the shoulder mobility to keep your hands on a regular straight bar.

If your squat is a bit too bent over the Safety Squat Bar is foreign enough of a movement to build up areas where the barbell squat might not train while staying in the same movement pattern. The sleeves are made at an angle so the weights will be more in front of you, training you to stay more upright, and tight. The Safety Squat Bar has been strategically designed to strengthen your posterior chain due to the weights being in their unique position and will develop your glutes and lower back that will help improve your deadlift as well as your squat.

And let’s be honest, this bar looks awesome!
So not only will you give those wrists and elbows a break and build great strength in your posterior chain, you’ll look super cool while doing it.


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