An essential tool every gym needs, unfortunately, they are few and far between. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this must-have machine.

The reverse hyper is used to develop explosive speed and tremendous strength in the Posterior Chain. The posterior chain is a group of muscles consisting of Spinal erectors, Buttocks, Lower back, and Hamstrings. If you’re looking to add pounds to your squat, deadlift and even the bench press then the reverse hyper is the machine for you. Another remarkable feature of the reverse hyper is it’s ability to heal existing injuries and prevent future injuries from occurring which is even recognized by the medical community. The dynamic strength development in the concentric phase, the rehab occurs in the eccentric phase by creating movement of the spine and allowing fluid to flush through the spine.

The B.o.S. reverse hyper is exceptionally well made for these reasons:

  • High density foam pads with a durable vinyl casing

  • Quality bearings for a smooth swing

  • Includes high density upholstered foam padding and roller attachment that is hundreds of dollars on other sites

  • Comes in black

  • Lifetime Warranty on welds and frame*

  • Upholstery, Wheels Grips 90 Day Warranty