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Manual Treadmill : SpeedFit ProXL


Engineered for performance and quality, the SpeedFit ProXL Curve Treadmill provides athletes with an unparalleled running experience on a machine that will provide years of maintenance-free service.

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Tracer C.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Rehabilitation
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Reverse Hyoer Extension machine, kettle bell
  • Product Condition: Perfect
Worth the price

Have enjoyed using the treadmill, much more than I have the flat treadmills. I feel like it promotes posterior chain alignment. No issues with assembly, very high quality machine. It is solid, will probably outlast me. I look forward to my runs on it, it’s fun to use. With it getting cold, I am reminded that we got two weeks last winter of outside running, before it became too icy to run with any relative safety. Easy to use, my wife and I both use it with out any issue starting or stopping the belt. Not worried about stride length, I have never felt like I was going to step off the back, and hand rails are there if balance needs some help. I’m glad I got this machine and it is worth the price. High quality build and an excellent machine. It keeps us coming back for more, as it’s simple and easy to use, and doesn’t piss me off with garbage input controls to speed up or slow down. Would buy again, no hesitation.

Bells of Steel

Hey Tracer, thanks for the review! The manual treadmill is a great substitute when that nasty winter weather hits and makes it unsafe to run outside!

T. Bailey
Game Changer

Very briefly, I've used the SpeedFit about 6 times now and am absolutely impressed with this product. Give it a chance though, as it can be a little strange at first...also, be careful getting off after you have run so you can adjust to flat ground. That will only take a few seconds but you can be a slightly disoriented once stepping off the Speedfit. It is not enough to be concerned about in terms of safety but it is just an odd feeling. I just absolutely love this tool though...it is much easier for me to run and my feet and joints don't hurt and the action and shape of the tread seems to actually propel me to run longer and faster. I've been running at about 7 to 8 kms. an hour for 10 to 20 minutes. I would definitely own one if I had the resources to purchase the Speedfit. It is a real game changer for me as I have to run for my fitness program but I dislike running due to the discomfort of pounding on the track and get pain in my arches and joints, but not with this tread mill. I so far highly recommend this one if you don't like running but have to for a program or have always been intimidated by running. Give this one a chance! Don't worry, you won't fall and you will feel awesome after your run.

The Best Designed and Best Priced Manual Treadmill.

The top 5 reasons to use a manual treadmill:

Burns up to 30% more calories in the same time as a regular treadmill. Because the belt isn’t being moved for you like on a regular treadmill, the additional force required to move the belt requires more force input.

Excellent for HIIT training. Unlike motorized treadmills you can easily switch from a full out sprint, to a walk instantly.

Environmentally friendly. The treadmills require no electricity, and do not have motorized parts that burn out and end up in landfills. 4. Almost no maintenance cost. The ultra durable belt and simple design will save big on maintenance bills. 5. It’s more like running outdoors, with less impact. From inventor Alex Astilean who designed and patented the Woodway Curve in 2008, comes a motor-less treadmill that provides a better running experience than traditional motorized treadmills, comes the next step in motor-less treadmills .

SpeedFit ProXL Curve Treadmill
provides athletes with an unparalleled running experience on a machine that will provide years of maintenance-free service. The low-mass, shock absorbing tread belt system is smooth, quiet, rugged and operates without friction or wear. Enjoyable at maximum effortless running experience ever achieved on a non-motorized treadmill. The SpeedFit ProXL improves on previous curve models by creating a lighter tread belt, and decreasing the amount of curve on the board. Other curve treadmill’s belts are way heavier and requires more force to be able to get the belt moving, which makes the initial start especially difficult for lighter users. With the new SpeedFit technology, the track system belt is much lighter, much easier to start, speed up and slow down. All size users can easily get the belt going and keep it going. The result is a more natural running feel with better ergonomics. The SpeedFit ProXL, the finest manual treadmill crafted to date, is engineered to provide years of trouble free operation. It incorporates many features to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether running that extra mile for your marathon training, or working on creating the speed and power to separate you from the competition, the SpeedFit ProXL will provide that extra edge.

Limited Lifetime Warranty*

Product Specifications

  • Price includes pick up at a freight depot or business delivery in most major cities. Contact us for home delivery or if you live outside a major city

  • Price includes LCD console

  • Console measures speed, time, heart rate, distance, calories burned

  • Running Surface Dimension Length = 62″ Width = 17″

  • Slat Belt running surface 150,000 miles without a single flip or swap; no belt or deck maintenance

  • Operates without a power supply

  • Self propelled

Treads on unit 57
Roller Bearings 122
Roller Guides 22
Unit weight Including Hand Rails 297lbs
Dimensions Width 30″ x Length 64″ x Height 44.5″ ( with hand rails )
Dimensions Width 30″ x Length 64″ x Height 44.5″ ( with hand rails )
Belt 5 years
All Components 3 Years
Battery Operated Display 2 Years

Additional information

Weight 140 lbs

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