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Indian Clubs By B.o.S.

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Indian Clubs By B.o.S.

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Indian Clubs are fundamental in maintaining shoulder health and mobility, as well as for developing grip strength, and full on conditioning workouts.

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Indian Clubs Will Keep Your Shoulders Healthy.

Indian Clubs are one of the most basic and ancient fitness tools still in use today. In current practice they are most often used by athletes who aim to mobilize and strengthen the shoulder girdle. They can also be used as a workout on their own, with simple and complex swinging patterns, you can reinforce wrist, elbow, and shoulder mobility while also engaging your core and boosting full body control and coordination.

You can see few introductory movements by the good folks at the art of manliness by clicking here. Despite their common English name implying an Indian origin, the so-called Indian clubs were in fact created in modern day Iran. Their real name is “meels”, they were first recorded as being used by wrestlers in ancient Persia, Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. The practice has continued to the present day, notably in traditional “meel” gyms in Iran. British colonists first came across meels in India, and erroneously referred to them as “Indian clubs” despite their Middle Eastern origin.

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Indian Clubs will:

  • Strengthen muscles and ligaments in the wrist, elbow, and shoulder girdle.

  • Allows for three dimensional training.

  • Help maintain joint flexibility and improve range of motion.

  • Reduce the risk of shoulder injury

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 9.25 x 9.75 x 13 in
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How long is the 2kg set? And is each club 2 kg?

Bells of Steel's Response:

Hi Hayden, the clubs are 21 inches long. Each club is 2kg on its own.


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