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Home Gym Pack – Pair of Each Band – 4 Carabiners – 4 Rack Straps – 1 Bag

///Home Gym Pack – Pair of Each Band – 4 Carabiners – 4 Rack Straps – 1 Bag

Home Gym Pack – Pair of Each Band – 4 Carabiners – 4 Rack Straps – 1 Bag


Strength bands are a fantastic way to smash through plateaus. By hooking the bands onto the end of the barbell, you can add a variable plane of resistance to your workouts, with a greater resistance being added at the top of the lift, and the lower resistance at the bottom where you are weakest. Bands can also be used to assist in bodyweight movements such as pull ups, allowing athletes to progress to being able to do the exercise by themselves.

3lb - Red - Pair

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7lb - Black - Pair

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10lb - Purple - Pair

In stock

15lb - Green - Pair

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25lb - Blue - Pair

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40lb - Orange - Pair

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Master Carabiner × 4

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Rack Strap Anchor Point × 4

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Black Stringer Gym Bag

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Bells of Steel Cross Cords are Canada’s  best bands for resistance band exercises and mobile workouts.

Resistance band exercises are an excellent alternative to power racks, bars and traditional equipment for 3 key reasons:

1. If you’re short on space
2. If you’re short on money
3. If you’re short on time.

The B.o.S. cross cords are a better solution for users for 3 key reasons:

1. A huge weight range: There are clips on both ends that allow you to clip multiple cords, allowing you to progress at a better pace in your pressing, flys, squats and shoulder rehab/prehab.

2. They have detachable handles: this is to allow you to use your feet as an anchor the band to be used in double hand exercises like squats.

3. They’re built rock solid: with reinforced anchors, a super tough protective sleeve and all backed by a 1 year warranty.

The weight/colour range is as follows:
40lb – Orange
25lb – Blue
15lb – Green
10lb – Purple
7lb – Black
3lb – Red

So, what are some of the best things you can do with these bad boys?
– Improve the mobility and overall shoulder stability doing a variety resistance band exercises.
– Do full body HIIT workouts using resistance band exercises.

Of course, we also provide the anchoring products in order to be able to use your bands most effectively. Here’s the different options and who they are best suited for:

Resistance Band Wall Mount

The Ultra tough, wide ring Resistance Band Wall Mount provides a permanent space saving solution for your gym or studio. The wide mouth anchor ring can easily accommodate a full set of resistance bands and is super easy to clip in and out of. Finished with a durable powder coating, the wall mount comes with appropriate mounting hardware (2 expanding anchor bolts).
Resistance Band Wall Mount

Rack Strap Anchor Point

The Rack Strap allows you to set up an anchor point for your resistance bands right on your Power Rack. But because it is a portable solution you can bring it with you and attach your resistance bands almost anywhere allowing you to workout in any situation.
Rack Strap Anchor Point

Door Belt Anchor Point

The Door Belt allows you to set up an anchor point for your resistance bands around any door. It’s lightweight and easy to carry with you on the go. Set it up in the garage, at work or in your hotel room and get your workout in.
Door Belt Anchor Point

Master Carabiner

The Master Carabiner allows you to easily put all sizes of bands on one single carabiner, making it simple and fast to change resistance levels.


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3, 4, 5

Black Stringer Gym Bag


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