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Glute Ham Raise Machine 3.0 By B.o.S.

Glute Ham Raise Machine 3.0 By B.o.S.


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The Glute Ham Developer is an essential tool for the development of speed and power for both dynamic field athletes or strength athletes by strengthening the posterior chain. The posterior chain plays a vital role in a person’s ability to squat or dead lift heavy, or the ability of any field athlete to run, jump, stop and start.
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Steve A
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Improve
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Light commercial rack, Olympic bar, bumpers, GHD, t-shirt, speed rope
  • Product Condition: Perfect


I'm very impressed with the quality of this machine. This is sturdy without any weight on the peg (for me at ~185lbs). My reason for rating this 4 stars is because of the design of the foot plate. The foot plate can only be mounted one way, and it leads to a bunch of useless area above the ankles (when doing back or glute/ham raises), and my toes extending past the bottom of the foot plate. I can still perform the exercises, so it's not a huge issue, but if the bolt holes were more central, it would allow for better foot contact.

Ryan K.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Lifting heavy things
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Safety Squat Bar 2.0, Kettlebells, Push Sled,
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Glute Ham Raise Machine 3.0 - Awesome

Before I purchased this I was doing poor man's GHR where your feet are anchored, knees padded, and a band it utilized to add the weight assist. I was on the fence - would the machine be that different from the modified move? I'm spending a lot of time training so decided to make the investment.My conclusion is - modified exercises are good but if you are spending the time training, nothing can replace the right equipment used the right way. I'm very satisfied with the return and results to date.The unit itself is solid and I found assembly straight forward. I like the band pins as well. Great for adding difficulty or to use for modified banded reverse hypers (Machine will be added too once I have footprint).Highly recommend!

Prince Rupert
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Lift heavy weights
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: GHD, Bos 2.0 bar, Gun Rack
  • Product Condition: Perfect


This thing is a tank, much more solid and sturdy than I had expected. Easy enough to move around with the wheels at the back, looking at the wheels at first, I thought they might be a weak point and break but all good for about a year now. Only small issues (and I do mean small) were, it didn't come with assembly instructions, I emailed and quickly sent me a bit of a manufacturer sheet, somewhat helpful, in the end it was pretty straight forward to put together without instructions. One of the tiny screws that holds trim at the front of the pads popped stripped and popped out within a month but the trim is still there in nearly perfect shape. Some slight rust started showing on the bottom after about six months, nothing big and it can happen as I live in a very humid location. All in all I don't regret the purchase at all, reasonably high quality product at a great price.

Davin B.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Not fat
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: GHD
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Great product

The product was very nice. And is working great. But it took like a month to get to me.

Bells of Steel

Sorry for the wait, we use fulfillment by by amazon to ship these and often they can be quite slow :(

Kevin Hadden


This is a solid unit, possibly better quality than I have used in commercial gyms.

The glute ham raise is one of the best posterior chain exercises you can do and the 3.0 is the best unit you can use to do them.

The glute ham raise machine (AKA the glute ham developer or GHD machine) is an essential tool for the development of speed and power for both dynamic field athletes and strength athletes, by strengthening the posterior chain.

The posterior chain plays a vital role in a person’s ability to squat or deadlift heavy, or the ability of any field athlete to run, jump, stop and start. The GHD machine can also be used as an Ab machine to complete glute ham sit ups commonly seen in CrossFit competitions.

The greatest benefits of this glute machine are:

GHRs are superior to traditional leg curls because they work more muscles and put greater emphasis on the eccentric component of knee flexion.

Coaches have long used the GHD to improve sprinting speed and jumping capability. They’ve also proven to translate well to other lower body power lifts. Many of the world’s best powerlifters regularly include the glute ham developer as a staple in their programming due to its strong carryover to the squat and deadlift.

Little lower back stress
Since there are minimal shearing forces involved. This makes it a viable way for people with back issues – who may not be able to do exercises like deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts – to train the posterior chain in a safe manner.

The Bells of Steel Glute Ham Raise 3.0 has a superior design for these reasons:

  • It has longer legs and a weight pole in the middle for maximum stability

  • Wheels for easy transport

  • 2 band pegs for adding banded resistance

  • Dual tightening adjustment knobs

  • The split pads are an essential design for men to prevent any squishing of your goods

  • Pads are wrapped in black vinyl

  • The pads are made of a high density and durable foam that will protect the user’s quads from discomfort

  • Made with 2″x3″ 3mm steel

  • Black powder coating

  • Weigh’s in at a beefy 163lbs

  • Diamond tread foot plate

  • Hardware and assembly instructions included

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Dimensions60 × 60 × 50 in

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