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Garage Gym Builder by B.o.S.

//Garage Gym Builder by B.o.S.

Garage Gym Builder by B.o.S.

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Everything you need to build the home gym of your dreams, with a big discount for bundling it all together.

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  • My Fitness Goal Is: Health and Wellness (and some huge gainz... lol)
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Light Commercial Rack 5.0, Cable Attachment, Utility Bar, EZ Bar, Might Grip Plates, 3 Way Bench, Landmine Attachment, Foam Roller, Plate Storage Pegs
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Good Value

Overall I really like the Bells of Steel brand and small business feel. You can definitely tell they care and are trying their best to provide value and listen to customers. There's definitely some bugs to be worked out with respect to shipping and quality control. However, the products are generally great and features are really cool.The Good: - Heavy, robust quality components for most everything; new black powder coating looks great - Features on the Light Commercial rack are great- really like the roller cups, the straps are so much more useful than pins, good and solid construction - The bars are nice- good knurling (not too heavy), the bar diameter is comfortable, the finish seems pretty durable, great bearings and rotation - I like the grips on the cast iron mighty grip plates - The 3 way bench is really comfortable and surprisingly long/definitely sturdy - Customer service and support on returns/exchanges was generally goodThe "Needs Improvement": - Some of my mighty grip cast iron plates do not actually slide (at all- or easily) onto the utility bar or cable pulley adapters. The inside diameter of some of the plates seem like they have an unfinished profile (ie. not smooth) and gets caught up on the notching of the ends on the bar and some don't slide on at all. The ID of the plate vs the OD of the bar end is so tight a tolerance that although it's nice not to have the plate jiggling around it's a little frustrating getting the plates on an off (they don't quickly slide on and off). - The utility bar ends have notching to prevent plate movement but it's turned into a paint scraper for the cast iron plates (see above comments) - The 3 way bench adjustment could maybe use a couple more angle options - The lower cable attachment could use a guide to keep the cable centered on the pulley- it frequently gets caught on either side of the pulley - The ends of the plate holders don't stay in/misaligned- but it's not a big deal - Backorders- I was able to go to the warehouse so it wasn't as big a deal but there was definitely some trouble with keeping inventory on hand- feel bad for the operations guys who probably take a lot of heat from angry customersSuggestions: - A few tweaks on quality control in some of the above items and there would be nothing to complain about! - It would really be helpful to have an online system that estimated delivery of back ordered components and updated so you could check that. Would probably save people complaining on social media to get updates and hassling operations people at BOS. - Didn't get any of the ebooks or coupons or exercise form check (not a big deal now but thought I'd point that out)Will buy again and am very much enjoying my equipment!

Matthew Thomson
Trail, BC
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Power
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Light commercial Rack 3.0, Hex Plates, Power Bar
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Great product

Great Products, great customer service. I was blown away with how accommodating they were during the process of selecting what I wanted to when I needed to pick my package up. I will be using this company as my go to for any fitness related product from here on out.Thanks guys!


Great Deal

After much research on rack options available in Canada I put together a package with a power rack 4.0, incline bench, and power lifting bar. The equipment quality is superior to anything else you'll find at this price point and after considering the free shipping and bundle discounts this is a smoking deal.


Hands down the best value

I purchased the light commercial power rack 4.0, the new incline/decline bench and the barenaked powerlifting bar and I am very satisfied with the quality of B.o.S. products. I was seriously considering spending thousands more on a Rogue setup but you simply cannot beat the value that B.o.S. offers!! If you are building a home gym (or a commercial gym) in Canada, B.o.S. is THE way to go.


Great value

I purchased the residential rack, incline/decline/flat bench, BoS 2.0 bar and mats. Happy with everything I have received and the service from all the guys at BoS! Don't have to hit up the gym during busy times anymore and able to do all my lifts without wasting time. Definitely recommend buying from BoS!

Save BIG when you use the garage gym builder to outfit your home gym.

Everything you need to get started training at home in your new Garage Gym.

Are you tired of flushing your hard earned cash down the toilet for some no-no-no gym? No metal, no chalk, no heavyweights? Well, that is NO way to lift my friend, that is NO way to get jacked and that is NO way to spend your dollars.

So I’ve taken the time to craft an easy home gym builder to save you money and time on your investment. Yes, not only is a garage gym a money saver over time, it is an investment in yourself. Because nobody gets huge having to listen to top 40 while squatting next to a Pilates class.

The garage gym builder gives you all the items required to lay the foundation of an awesome house; a built to last a lifetime rack, a bar, bench, collars, mats to protect your floor and even a sweet free shirt or other free gift of your choice.

If you need help on how to craft your perfect home gym, read my Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Home Gym Owner by clicking here.

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