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Folding Power Rack 2.0 By B.o.S.

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Folding Power Rack 2.0 By B.o.S.

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If youre tight on space in your garage gym the folding rack is perfect! Easily attaches to the wall and folds in as needed.

Folding Power Rack 2.0


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Heavy Duty Spotter Arms – optional

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Commercial Squat Rack Dip Attachment – optional

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Landmine Power Rack Attachment – optional

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Lever Arms Power Rack Attachment – optional

The bolt-on levers create a space-efficient solution to developing upper body explosive strength. Utilize the lever arms together or unilaterally for a variety of exercises, rows, presses, even use them for squats.

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Monolift Attachment - Bolt On - By B.o.S. – optional

The Monolift Attachment is compatible by bolting on to any of our racks and rigs.  The monolift attachment offers a space-saving and inexpensive monolift solution. Lined with UHMW plastic it'll do minimal damage to your bar.

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The Folding Power Rack Is Perfect For Garage Gyms With Limited Space.

I get it, your garage is TECHNICALLY for your car. But you know what’s better than a car garage? A garage GYM! Have the best of both worlds with this folding power rack. For the 2.0 version, I beefed the tubing up to 3×3″ 11 gauge, changed the adjustable pull-up bar to be bare steel for a superior pull up grip and to help prevent hand tearing and added laser cut pinhole numbering to make adjusting j-hook heights easier.

The folding power rack functions like a regular Power rack when set up, and conveniently. With the unique hinge and pin system you have the ability to quickly remove the pull-up bar after a workout, then fold the sides of the rack back against the wall to open up a massive amount of space. When stowed away, the Folding Wall Mount Squat Rack takes up less than 5” of space from the wall, meaning you can have an excellent power rack in your garage without having to park your car on the street at night. Features: – Fully Retractable Power / Squat Rack – Uprights: 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel – Inside Depth: 39” – Height: 89” – J-Hooks are included *Important: – A 2” x 10” stringer (not included) must be tied into a minimum of 4 studs. – It is NOT recommended installing the Fold Back Rack on a wood, drywall, or metal stud wall without a stringer or additional support.

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Folding Power Rack 2.0

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