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Conventional Deadlift Bar By Strongarm


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The conventional deadlift bar is a thinner, more whippy bar ideal for competitive powerlifters who love to deadlift.

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The Conventional Deadlift Bar by Strongarm is ideal for competitive powerlifters who love to move weight!

What is a “Deadlift” bar and why would you need one?
If you are really serious about your lifting, and moving some serious weight, 500, 600, 700 , or even 800 lbs, you need a deadlift bar.

StrongArm Deadlift bars are:

More flexible
Deadlifting on a regular bar means pulling from a “dead” start, in other words, from zero to 100% of the weight all at once. With a more flexible bar though, the centre of the bar will rise 3 or 4 inches before the weights start to lift, and when they do the plates that are on the inside will lift first, moving towards the outer edge. The result of this is a smoother, more progressive acceleration of the weight, allowing you to lift more actual weight. Most lifters that use a deadlift bar will tell you that they can pull 40 or 50 lbs more with a deadlift bar compared to a standard power bar.

Most power bars are 29 or 30 mm, a StrongArm deadlift bar is 27 mm. This thinness contributes to the flexibility, and also lets you get more of your hands and fingers around the bar. Particularly important of you use the double overhand “hook” grip.

Longer sleeves
The longer sleeves allow for more weight to be put on, especially necessary if you are using gym plates, that tend to be wider than competition plates.

Knurling where you need it, not where you don’t
Conventional pullers, meaning your hands are outside of your legs, want knurling for their grip, but not grabbing your thighs on the way up. This bar does that, the knurling to the outside, smooth in the middle.

Here’s a few other perks:

Custom made to our specifications, not an off-the-shelf bar.
Course knurling with sharp points.
Made of Chromium alloy steel. Chromium allow is designed to add hardness to steel.
Finished with a bare steel shaft for optimal grip and hardened chrome plate sleeves.
Bar weight is 20 kg.

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 93 × 4 × 4 in

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