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Buffalo Bar 2.0 By Strongarm


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The Buffalo Bar! A Buffalo bar is primarily a squat bar and works like 2 bars in one: Similar to a cambered bar, with the weight sleeves dropped down a few inches, the center of gravity is lowered, making the weight more stable on your back. Like a safety squat bar, allowing for your grip position to be lower, great if you have shoulder issues.


Available on backorder

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Bobby B.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Competitive Powerlifting
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Buffalo Bar
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Best bar ever!!!!

I've suffered shoulder pain from squatting with a flat bar for years. This amazing bar allows me to keep going and train hard without the pain.

Bells of Steel

Hey Bobby, that is great to hear. Keep the gains coming!

Alexandre ouellet hebert
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Elite Powerlifter
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Buffllo bar soon swiss bar
  • Product Condition: PerfectBeat Up Boxes

Good for the price

3.5 stars on 5 Overall its good entry lv buffllo bar if you cant spend 700+++ on the dufflo bar + Price and fast shipping knurling really good (very grippy and not shrap) come with 2 collar Less positiv I though the curve in the bar will a little bit more arched (not as Much as the dufflo bar but a little bit more. On some pictures the curve is more pronounced. Some knurling defect and flat spot. I Had to out lub the sleeve since they were dry the manufacturing compagnie put a lit coat of oil more for rust prevention. (Was a super easy job and you should do it once a year on every bushing bar) so not a big deal.

Bells of Steel

Alexandre, thank you for the review along with the feedback. We really do appreciate it! I will pass this feedback onto the team and see what we can do! Happy lifting!

The Buffalo Bar

Our all-new buffalo bar was built from the ground up and made to spec my multi-decade IPF powerlifting vet Mike Armstrong. Here are the improvements:

  • A better quality of steel using a superior steel, we’re able to use a competition standard 29mm Chromium alloy steel.
  • Nicer finish Mike’s a big fan of bare steel bars, they truly give the best grip and feel, although there is some more maintenance involved. The sleeves are a chrome finish for an aesthetic touch.
  • Bigger and badder a full 92 inches, with an extra thick block and sleeves
  • Aggressive knurl as any self-respecting powerlifting bar does, the new buffalo bar features are sharp knurling found on our Barenaked power bars.

So you’ve been in the gym squatting and benching like there is no tomorrow. Hitting all the PR’s. But all that huge weight you’ve been slangin around is beating up your shoulders.

nEnter the Buffalo Bar. This is not just some super bent bar. The Buffalo Bar is strategically designed to alleviate stress from your shoulders while squatting, benching. A huge benefit of a cambered bar is that it is still very similar to a regular movement with a stiff bar, you even grip the bar like a proper squat but with significantly less pressure on your shoulder joints. Unlike a Saftey Squat Bar, the Buffalo Bar can be used for upper body movements too!

It’s the perfect bar for off-season training, and one of the best options to push up your volume in-season without doing any damage to your body or doing a completely different movement. Other than the Squat and Good Morning, the Buffalo Bar is great for the bench. With the Buffalo Bars signature bow in the bar, you will be able to add several inches to your range of motion. This will help to strengthen your press of the chest as well as assisting with muscular development.

The Buffalo Bar has many benefits to any athlete, and if you already suffer from shoulder pain or just want to help prevent it, the Buffalo Bar is a must!

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Weight 48.0 lbs
Dimensions 95 × 7 × 4 in

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