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Blitz Air Bike By B.o.S.

Blitz Air Bike By B.o.S.

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The Blitz Air Bike is the definitive budget home gym bike. With a huge fan and plus size seat, this fan bike is well suited to even the most die-hard garage gym athletes.

Gymnastic Rings - Wood - Commercial Grade By B.o.S.

The best rings you will EVER use. The wood holds chalk better and has a much better grip and feel. The straps are 18 feet in length (for a 9 feet hang), with length markings for easy adjustments. These rings use premium nylon straps, wood rings, buckles, and are suitable for commercial gym use.

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Lacrosse Ball

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Compression Floss Bands By B.o.S.

Flossing everyday keeps the doctor away! Floss is made of latex rubber, and is essential in any athletes mobility kit. Used properly, it reduces swelling, restores sliding surface mobility by freeing fascia, and promotes blood flow to areas that normally have low circulation, such as elbows, knees, and shoulders.

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Available on backorder


The Blitz Air Bike is the definitive budget home gym bike.

Airbike’s are arguably the best total body conditioning you can do. Supercharge your training with this meticulously crafted machine.

The top 2 things that set the blitz bike apart from its competitors:

1. The huge fan

Typically less expensive airbike’s skimp on the fan, opting for a smaller fan that offers less resistance. Not the blitz, you get that huge 25″ fan you’re used to in commercial gyms at a home gym price.

2. It has a big, 4-way adjustable seat
The 25 cm plus size seat can be adjusted front to back and up and down.

The Console
Displays RPM, speed, interval times, distance, calories, watts, heart rate and includes a heart rate strap

Transportation and Storage

The blitz Air Bike comes with 2 wheels located at the front of the frame and a handy handle on the back. Simply tilt the bike and roll out of the way for storage.


  • Pegs instead of foot plate
    Easy to install foot pegs.
  • Ergonomically designed handles
    The grip angle is optimized for muscle recruitment.
  • XXL Seat
    A 25 cm seat,  more comfortable seat = more time on the bike.
  • Big 25″ Fan 
    A huge fan creates a more effective workout.
  • Includes chest heart rate monitor. 

Warranty – 1-year parts and frame, the warranty is only valid for home gym use.

Assembled Dimensions – 131 x 28 x 88.5 cm 45kg

Additional information

Weight 51 kg
Dimensions 20 x 40 x 50 in

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