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Belt Squat Machine – Box 2


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The belt squat is one of the best lower body exercises you can do and does not cause stress on the torso and spine.

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Kevin B.
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Hypertrophy
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Commercial Power Rack
  • Product Condition: Perfect

This beast will help you become one!

This machine is truly commercial quality. 260 pounds on its own, commercial bearings... You won't be disappointed. I added it to my gym to provide motion similar to what I'd get on a leg press. It does that and more. I place an aerobics step and spacers on it for standing calf raises as well.

Kevin Bailey verified customer review of Belt Squat Machine - Box 2
Bells of Steel

Hello Kevin, Thanks for the awesome review. We take pride in the quality and durability of our products. Again, thanks for the wonderful review. Lift on!

  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength performance
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: First product
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Great machine

The belt squat 2.0 definitely exceeded my expectations. Very quick delivery and easy assembly. It’s light enough that I can move it around my garage if need be, but very solid. I’ve used the rogue rhino belt squat and I have to say the bells of Steel 2.0 is far superior and very affordable. Great way to load and tax the lower body with out having to load the spine. Very happy with my purchase

Anonymous verified customer review of Belt Squat Machine - Box 2
Bells of Steel

Hello, Thank you for the 5-star review. It warms our hearts knowing that our Belt Squat Machine exceeded your expectations. Again, thanks for the wonderful review. Let the gainz begin!

Canada Canada
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Strength and overall health
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: BoS FiD bench
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Perfect! (after a minor adjustment)

Super solid, reasonably priced piece of machinery. I ran into a minor issue during assembly where a couple of bushing holes did not align perfectly with the ones on the platform (took a bit of hammering to sort out). Also, for those who squat deep, you'll need to raise the height of the platform/base by either sticking a few boards underneath or putting a stack of rubber matts on top of it (which I've done). This machine has allowed me to safely increase my deadlift volume/intensity due how little stress it puts on my back. Frankly, since I do not compete, I might even eventually ditch the barbell back squat all together. Thanks, BoS.

Will verified customer review of Belt Squat Machine - Box 2
Bells of Steel

Hey Will, ​ ​Thank you for the 5-star review, this really made our day. We are glad that you are enjoying the belt squat machine. Again, thanks for the wonderful review. Happy holidays!

United States United States
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Achieve an Open International Elite Powerlifting Total before I reach 50 years old.
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Belt Squat Machine and Light Commercial Power Rack
  • Product Condition: PerfectBeat Up Boxes

Belt Squat Machine Review

The Bells of Steel Belt Squat Machine is by far worth every penny you pay for it. I had to wait a while before I wrote my review but after 8 weeks, I have pretty much ran roughshod over this machine and not one issue. This thing was built with quality and it's very easy to assemble. I received it in two separate packages and upon assembly I was missing one of the bushing. My first reaction was Dam, now I gotta play games to this part....Wrong Answer, I sent an email with a video of the part and within 72 hours it was on my doorstep. The company is really dedicated to customer service and their products are rugged an top notch.

Bells of Steel

Hey Lee, ​ ​Thank you for the 5-star review. We take pride in the quality of our products as well as our customer service. Again, thanks for the wonderful review. Have a great day!

United States United States
  • My Fitness Goal Is: Be as strong as possible
  • Bells of Steel Products Owned: Belts squat
  • Product Condition: Perfect

Belt squat is a beast

I was pretty anxious to get this machine. I’ve had some back issues and couldn’t wait to start squatting again. This thing is a beast and delivers as promised. I am able to hit full squat depth with the weight plates facing up. I have my 12 year old squatting on this to teach proper form without putting weights on his back. This thing is a beast that will last years!!

Bells of Steel

Hey Rick, Thanks for the great review. This product is really the best bang for the buck. Again, thanks for the 5-star review. Hope to see you again soon!

The Belt Squat is Your Ticket to New Personal Bests!

There’s been a lot of hype around belt squats as of late, and for good reason; they work.

Here’s a breakdown of why they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, and what they can do for your training:

No upper body
The belt squat totally removes stress on your spine and upper body from the equation, allowing you to just train your lower body. Even a leg press still places a load on your torso, taking the weight off your torso allows you to give your upper body a break, or even work around injuries.

Glute activation
The belt squat really emphasizes hip extension resulting in excellent glute activation, which will ensure your buns will be as jacked as your guns.

Not just belt squats
The belt squat machine can be used for a variety of exercises, such as rows, Romanian deadlifts and high pulls, which make the square foot trade-off for the machine a little better.

So now that you know why the belt squat is so awesome, let me lay down why the Bells of Steel belt squat is your best choice

As of this post, there’s currently only 1 other home gym gade belt squat, for the most part, they’re huge footprint behemoths made with bomb proof steel that sell for thousands of dollars, not ideal for the average garage gym. You also get a belt for squatting, saving you another $100.

Innovative design
Band pegs are something we try and slip into a lot of our products, they’re an inexpensive addition and add a lot of versatility to the product. The belt squat is no exception, with 4 adjustable band pegs. In addition, the connection arm has been put on a downward angle in an effort to allow you to be on top of the arm and create a smoother plane of motion.

Bushings for a smoother ride
Using 6 bushings, 4 on the primary pivot point, 2 on the safety, allows for a much smoother motion, as well as substantially more durable and safer than a simple bolt.

As the belt squat is designed for home and light commercial use, we reccomend 4 plates a side as the max weight capacity.

  • Superior bushings on pivot points for a smooth movement

  • Adjustable band pegs for added dynamic resistance

  • 2 band pegs for adding banded resistance

  • Includes heavy duty belt with 2 feet of chain and 2 caribeners

  • Adjustable jcups

  • Black powder coating

  • Angled arm and cut out for full depth squats in a superior position

  • Multi-attachment points for the pegs to find your perfect angle

  • Weigh’s in at a beefy 163lbs

Additional information

Weight 88 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 15 × 6 in

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