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Battle Ropes 2.0 By B.o.S

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Battle Ropes 2.0 By B.o.S

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Made of ultra durable fibres with metal end caps, and jacketed with a highly durable nylon casing for extra longevity. Training with battle ropes is essential in modern day athlete training.

$ 217

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Battle Ropes are an excellent low impact conditioning tool.

The Bells of Steel battle ropes are perfect for adding an upper body conditioning tool to your training. 50ft long with either 1.5 inch or 2 inch circumference, they are made of ultra durable fibres with metal end caps, and jacketed with a highly durable nylon casing for extra longevity and to prevent fibre shedding to keep your gym clean. The 2.0 version also includes a tough nylon battle rope anchor so you can easily attach your rope to fences, racks, poles and any other stable anchor.

Benefits of battle ropes:

Zero impact cardio
One of the key benefits to battle ropes is their complete lack of impact on the lower body. When athletes are often training some form of legs 2-7 times a week, an alternate conditioning method is of vital importance.

Independant workout
When you train with battling ropes, your arms work independently of each other and must develop to decrease any imbalances.

Strength and conditioning in one
Battle rope training works your anaerobic conditioning and trains your grip strength at once.

It’s a lot more fun than other conditioning
f you’ve been lifting weights for a long time, you’re probably sick of running, rowing and cycling.

Why not switch it up and keep you engaged? There are a ton of Battle rope exercises you can do and they can even be combined with other movements like squats and lunges to make complex patterns.
90 day warranty

Training with Battle ropes will

  • Rapidly improve anaerobic work capacity

  • Drastically improve functional core strength

  • Keeping conditioning levels up, even with lower body injuries

  • Develops insane grip Strength

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 9.25 x 9.75 x 13 in


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